Thursday, March 17, 2011


Working close to Japanese..
At first I adore how meticulous they are!!Seriously..the way they do the thinking are very different with how we do. Sometimes I was annoyed of how they like to amplify small issues, when they took a longggg time to consider very simple things. Sometimes, I think that..they think too much! ( I am elaborating my husband=p).

Along the process of getting annoyed...most of the time..I did this; "wowwww...waaaa....oohhhh..." haha..that's how 'I got amazed' reaction=p

The last weekend of peaceful Japan I had with my Malaysian friends wasting our time and money at the shopping district of Hondori.haha..

One of the thing I love to do is..'coffee-ing'. I'm glad that...these people that I just met love to do that too! So, we spent the whole evening doing 'sweet-tooth'=p

After that..we went to this one mydin-like mall (of course with class); Tokyu-Hands.
Here they sell almost everything, from the thinkable to unthinkable stuff..from useful to questionable stuff=p

There, most of them bought the 'not-even-in-the-list' stuff. Guess what??

Kusyen urut T_T

If in Malaysia..I'm sure this thing won't be so affordable!haha..all back to buying power n currency huh T_T

Look at how they pack your things. They even wrapped it with a layer of plastic since it was raining outside. I thought it was only Tokyu-hands doing this extra meticulous act, turned out many2 others did the same too!

This is only small meticulous thing I managed keep in a picture. There are so many other aspects which I cannot explain..but trust me, in some way we are better than them=)
Puan Wani.


  1. What did I bought? hahaha...pengurut ulat beluncas.

    :)....setujulah Puan Wani.
    sometimes bila dlm meeting part2 yg kecik2 tu...adehhhh letih dengor. yes..I think they think too much me too kot... when it comes to work. hahaha...

  2. hows the pengurut ulat beluncas tesebot??
    mase mule2 rimas ngan my hubby..selalu care pasl mende yg lame2 die tebukti benar yg pekare kecik tu akan menjadi besar kalo kite, kenela belaja menjadi meticulous=)



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