Monday, March 21, 2011

Socks issue

I think I have mentioned about the shopping district of Hondori so many times in here.
Yeah..that's one place that I love to be for the woman's so called 'therapy'=p
To be honest, not many things fancied me as much as Tokyo did. Maybe because I don't go along with Japanese's style as much as my other friends do=p lol! (Oh, I just don't get the style and the ridiculous price tagged on it!)

I told you about shoes in the previous know what comes along with shoes here??
I sounds crazy. But I/we cannot stand looking at the cute socks flooding the districts!
Everytime we go there, we will definitely stuck in this one shop named Copo..
Their socks are extremely comel and cheap!!The price usually made you go; "do you think 5 is enough??If ever I take ten it will only cost me about ***", because of that..we always ended up talking life while choosing socks..OMG..the situation will be exactly like kedai kopi session without the coffee served T_T"
Yang sakit hati lg..the most we usually bought after hours of choosing are 3 pairs T_T..
And later when we go again (we went there every week)..we beli lagi T_T"

Yesterday, my friends and me went to Hondori for our lunch cum breakfast cum dinner ..and yeah..we stuck in that shop..a.g.a.i.n.
The picture showed additions to my socks collection as for yesterday T_T
(I can't believe this!In Malaysia I hardly have any decent sock pon!sometimes I was 'sockless' in sport shoes.) you guys gona puke reading about shoes and socks=p
Puan Wani


  1. sox...teringat loooong loooong time ago I went gaga over fancy sox. haha. Now i'm no more. but ur covered heels kat previous post made me wanna grab 1 too. T_T

  2. wee!!tu contoh aje darling..i got other pairs which is soo...Blair!weee



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