Friday, March 4, 2011

No more secret


Like every morning for the past 5 months...I woke up with a numb feeling..counting days again for my next trip back to husband's.
Ate my breakfast while checking e-mails through iPhone (I adore this creation so much..they are just awesome!). And...I noticed a new post from my dear bestie Afirah..replying my post on trans-sexual.

Honestly, I am so it the idea in concert with mine or not=)

Seems like I found sort of issues that I love to discuss. I think it's definitely not about (maybe for some it will be =(). No wonder I love to read your blog it's all about ahahaha..

Another issue in life that I feel bothering is..having secrets.

I think we can't help doing mistake in life as we grow. Of course..if we don't make can we learn. Life is not taught at school..and some things in life could be taught even by the parents. So many things in life that we have to explore by ourselves. Therefore, I think it will be good if we, once became a parents, giving some space and trust to our offspring to taste life themselves.

I too made a lot of mistakes..a lot a lot. Some of it I keep it as secrets.

For me, a story became secret when I think the story will embarrassed me or making me losing somebody I care.
Some secret I keep it save and sound..and some were forgotten.
But as I grew up, I realized that..some secret need to be that I will feel free. It's like finally I put the burden down my shoulder. I feel lighter and happier.

I don't know about all of you. But if my friend told me their dark secret which they did IN THE PAST, I will accept them with my open heart. Because it was all IN THE PAST. And because we are FRIENDS. We are supposed to accept them they way they are. Be them trans-sexual=p

Like Oprah (again..=p)..Few years back..when she was already on the peak, her sister (who's an addict) went to the tabloids revealing the one dark secret of her. Apparently Oprah had once gave a birth to a baby girl when she was 14. Oprah has been a medium person, teaching people about to be better in it. How can you learn life from somebody who has made a mistake which I assumed...huge. When she knew about her sister going to the the reporter, she made the confession first. Surprisingly, everybody embrace her past and accept her for her that time. Wasn't it wonderful??when your burden are freed and nothing changed.

Based on this case, I think..letting out a secret is beautiful if we are given the rights to reveal it otherwise it will become ugly.

I wish..when the time comes when I have to free all the burden, all of my family and friends will accept me for the good memory they have=)

Life is all about making have early 'better life' make those mistakes earlier=p
Puan Wani


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  2. 101% agree...the next question we need to ask. are brave enough?? yup tat the reason why we keep secret to ourself.. ~_~



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