Monday, March 21, 2011

shoes and wani

Oh God..
I think I am addictive to this shoe style..
When I first arrived in Japan, I saw lot's of girls wearing the sort of shoe with low heels, full covered, with shoe tie which in a glance, looks like men's shoes..
Since then, I always asked myself..was that shoes so comfortable??

On the other hand, I like the kind of shoes with more exposed (sbb perasan kaki cantik)..hehe..
I know how much hubby hates looking at my exposed foot coz of ..we's aurat kan.

When in Japan, I am effortlessly covering the one aurat (foot) because I am always wearing socks (due to the weather). And I started looking at more comfortable shoes to suit the weather and daily activities. Unlike when I was in Malaysia, I was hardly use my foot..hehe..I drive anywhere and usually parked my car very close to the entrance. Hence the pretty, skin exposed shoes I usually wore everyday=p hehe..

In Japan, a pair of comfortable shoes are so much in need. I started to neglect the kind of shoes I used to like back in Malaysia. Here, I started looking at full covered shoes with firm structure to suit the life I have in here which involved a lot of movements.
I don't own a car anymore..Despite of the offer from hubby, I chose not to have one cz I am more comfortable with bicycle and public transportation which is way easier than having a car. But to use them, requires you to move a lot.

Oh well, don't forget about the weather in here. So much different from Malaysia coz the more you move yourself, the more comfortable you will feel=) Hence the new collection in my shoe rack currently=p

One pair I just got yesterday..=) Trust me, you could just run with this shoes not realize they got pretty high heels there..hihi..

Oh, just now I embrace to look pretty without feeling pain (on the foot)=p hehe.. eyes are on this one little black classy shoes pulak..T_T"
Puan Wani


  1. stylish..!! cantik..!! suker kasut jugak..eerr..sangat2.... tetibe rase tengah2 bulan nak carik sepasang macam ni....[ngeee]

  2. ...hehe.. next time shoe pulak nak di shopping. :D

  3. aty:hihi..thank u.sile2..jrg nampak kt kt Malaysia panas..x surela selesa ke x pakai kasot ni T_T..u buy n tell me, k=)
    Yoo:hehe..(dah ade modal nk racon Yoo pasni=p)

  4. wani.. wat la post untuk aysraff.. i mean pasal asyraff.. hehe..

  5. haha..kt twitter dh byk ngumpat dah T_T hehe.. x tules2 T_T



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