Thursday, March 17, 2011

11311 remembered..

The picture when we had to run out of the house for the second time.
The lapse between the first and second strike was not long..After the first strike we went back upstairs, put on extra layers of coats and pack our valuables. Not long after the first strike, 2nd strike hit. This time all of us manage to run out from the building.
As you can see..I didn't wore any socks coz x sempat..The shook was long..longer than the first one but wasn't as strong as the first one. We were observing pillars and make them as indicator of the ground movement. It was terrifying looking up and see the pillars were shook on top of your head..

On the first strike..we ran out of the house with very less layers covering our body. I wore a very thin shirt and long gown.
On the second strike, I managed to put on coats and pack our valuables. I packed not many..just our documents.

If ever you forgot to bring your passport with you, do not panic. Coz embassy will issue what they called EC "emergency certificate" so that you could go out of the country without passport. Alhamdulillah..the situation hadn't got us to be issued ECs so far.

The view from where I sit.

I am one person who xde selere nk amek gamba during the panic. So, I missed most of terrifying faces I saw that day. We were struck on Friday. Not many people were in the building cz it was a working day kan.
The picture shows the entrance of our apartment. Nihonjin working on the aircond worked like nothing happened on the day. We were like.."I think they live alone in this world". God, earth could not stop them from living!

We stayed in the house for 3 days not be able to go anywhere.
First, the traffic was congested. Almost everybody had to walked home. Be it hours of walking..they got no choice. I heard from these people about how they were served coffees, blanket, heat pad, etc. along the way home by smiling strangers. Some were offered lifts home. The country was really in chaos. Most of the time we sat in front of TV..following the news all around Japan. All channel showed the tsunami alert. The first day is the most terrifying when all the coastal areas was given red alert for tsunami. We slept with our coats on and bags on hold.

Secondly, the highway was closed. Unfortunately the highway we used to go to Tokyo was situated along coastal area. The highway has really magnificent view of the ocean and Fuji Mountain. But now, the beauty has turned to something scary T_T Hence, the reason we chosed to stay in Tokyo.

Mami looked very calm, enjoyed cooking like always while the house trembling. I didn't really understand how men could stay calm in the situation T_T..they said they were afraid..but looking at their faces??r u kidding me??!!T_T
Even the situation is so alarming, the food served was like..'are we having party??'T_T
I think Mami just want to make everybody comfortable.
Of course I don't have the appetite to eat or do anything! The adrenaline occupied my body for the whole time. I wouldn't be able to feel hungry.
Until my husband told me,"if the worst came, at least you are already full." Then, I forced myself to eat more than I used to T_T..
Lesson: In situation like this, eat extra portion..afraid you might not be able to find food anymore T_T

That's some of the things I remember..
Puan Wani


  1. Come back to malaysia la...safer here. naik boat plis. hehe

  2. SCR:xmo..kapal lambat..nnt radiation sempat diserap!pastu skrg tsunami..sape je nk g laut tu!
    Eiqa: Alhamdulillah..thanks for d concern=)



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