Friday, March 25, 2011

White Day

Well..we cannot celebrate Valentine's day right??
Oho..I'm not going further to discuss religion here..don't worry..

Valentine's day is celebrated all over the world and Japan is not an exception.
but..instead the boy has to get gifts for the was done vice versa.
How unfair??
Don't worry..later in a month, the boy can reply (if he ever wanted) to the girl by buying her gifts (which cost 2 fold of the girls'). hehe..
The day is called The White Day. Took place on the 14/3 every year..

For me, it's like the leap year in Scotland isn't it. It's just that they do it every year and..they boys are given a month to think it over..hehe..

In Malay..of course it's like 'perigi cari timba'

However, not every people got reasons to celebrate these days..

In our dept for example, we exchange chocolates just to get one kot..haha..
But I didn't buy anything..
This dept contains too many boys..and only few girls..The exchange won't be fair=p

But I did get chocolate from my colleague=p haha

The chocolates are so pretty..I should have snapped the chocolates marketed for these two days...They are so irresistible and overpriced T_T

But then most contains, as a Muslim I got reason to put the chocolate back on the rack=)hehe..

At first I refused to eat the chocolates..but..I managed to finished them in a blink of an eye cz..they are sedap sgt T_T

The sweet tooth;
Puan Wani

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