Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cozy and Coffee

I consider this is miracle..for me and especially hubby..haha
Why is it??
Guess what??I don't have appetite to shop!!It's been (tgh kire gune jari) 5 days!yey!!I have to compliment myself for not thinking much about shopping!^_^
But I pity hubby for being my sponge..
I was in angry mode most of the time..extra senstive, yadda2..(all negative)..
Can I say "blame the hormone??"'s not gonna give any justice for my darling T_T

Okkay..forget about my moodswing (although I was much aware of that T_T)

Do you guys know The Gardens?
The Borders on the 3rd floor? And Starbucks in it??
I love to stay there when I finished work in UM.
So, I usually stay there with my computer and stacks of expensive magazine=p reading..why read the affordable ones=p

I love the environment's very peaceful (however sometimes I found it congested..then I passed), has beautiful view (cz the walls are transparent..uh oh..can it be considered as wall??or there are big windows?o_O whateva!) readings!haha..
In addition to that..I have Jusco card which entitled me to 10% off for every purchase=p and I have my own starbucks tumbler (courtesy of bf) which lead to another 20% reduction!
And of course...this activity will put me away from shops!and traffic jam T_T

I thought when I come here, I would not be able to have such a time..when I gotta have peace in my thinking and be alone..

Ok..tarik alone??now??I am alone most of the time!No thanks!haha..

But I love coffee and cozy..maybe the caffeine did helped me in some way in calming me..yadda yadda..
To get coffee..easy..there's many coffee house along the road..
but where can I get the cozy??

Then I found Sweet Stick Factory
Located in Hondori=)

It has been our weekly spot for catching up =) Oh..I love the fruit tart..sgt x manis!! and the coffee..I have to tell you..they are better than Starbucks!haha...Oh, I should have snapped the picture of their sweets 'gallery'..all sweets are pretty..x sampai hati nk chew them..u'll feel like wanting to frame them or something=|
And I should have snapped the pictures of the..interior!*&*%$^&%^$$^*, this post is not helping show you guys what I meant T_T
This is my favorite cup of coffee=) Irish..yadda2..haha(feveret tp x hengat name=p)
And..introducing my favourite fruit tart..berries on top=)

Saye mmg suke dessert!
Puan Wani


  1. sedapnya tgkkkkkkkk ! hei! kembalikn hidupmu yg ceria ituh! ;)

  2. tidak...saye stress..saye punye sense of humor pon dah hilang..sbb terlalu gune tok sense of humor pon dijajah oleh ilmu yg series T_T

  3. Wooooo scarynya dgr......takpe2 demi ms dpn!



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