Friday, April 1, 2011

NEW Rabu

Last Wednesday was one hectic day for me.
I went back home at 10p.m. (oh, this is normal hours for them to finish work..and I don't know what time they exactly as I arrived at 8a.m. and they are already there=| so, think at what hour they live their life=| so...not me!I won't let my life wasted at work=p)

On the way home, hubby usually accompanies me on the phone..
Not all the time we talked...(if that's so, he might be tired of talking=p) sometimes, we just be on the phone while everyone doing their stuff! This helps us in thinking that we are around each other at times=)

But that night he kept telling me to be quick!

When I arrived..

Oh, I got new mattress??Wow..somebody broke into my room and leaves me a new mattress??=p
But this was not the surprise..=) it is..I know it look's like..err...should I mention it here..the height was the same as mine though=p I have to carry this alone T_T (I wasn't really carry it was more like dragging=p)
Taken out from the plastic me..I hate the wrapper..I used all the sharp tools available but still I felt exhausted as if I just ran up stairs to the 10th floor T_T..I felt so guilty cz tergunting the tali sikit T_T Gomenne hubby T_T
Guess what was in the bag??o_O
It's a keyboard!!wee!!Thank you Sayang!!

That's all...hubby's dirty trick to keep me occupied=p
Puan Wani

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