Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night Hanami

During my bachelor year..I met many girls who likes Japanese related things, especially the drama or anime. Honestly..I don't get it!haha..Have I now 'get it'??Still..No=p
I downloaded everything that's watchable by me here as all programmes in TV are in Nihongo T_T..
The TV station do provide english movies but..shockingly..they did narration over everything!
Can you remember soap opera once upon a time where their mouth moves differently and the voice came out sounded so differently??=p was like that=p annoying!

Eh, tajuk hanami laaa...

I know hanami from my friends who likes everything Japanese...=|
I know a few of them..they talk like anime..and reacted to the surrounding like the anime also=|
*you know who you are* haha
Hanami basically means having picnic while enjoying sakura. How to enjoy sakura??just by watching me..they got a point=)
Besides, (this is from my point of view) blooming day is like the day they finally able to stay outside due to extremely comfortable weather. So, personally I think they just want to enjoy the 'freedom'=)

Knowing me who wants to do everything because of the 'i'm gona die tomorrow' mindset=|..Of course I used this time to the maximum..
I did day well as night hanami..and yes..all in one weekend=) Hectic??yes..see my house..then you believe it=p

First, night hanami.
To fulfill this 'to do things before I die', I was kind of 'force' my Malaysian geng to do hanami together..bahaha..I don't care even we have to just drink sky juice under the dark sky..haha..
I proposed to do 'Nasi lemak night hanami' haha..
And lucky me..they agreed to the plan.

I chose nasi lemak coz..I think most people love it despite of the calorie=p
Apart from that..this is one dish that we can prepare the sides from different kitchen.
Alhamdulillah..everybody gave 110% cooperation to make the night hanami a success ^_^..

Here's the servings of the night=) I made the sambal udang..hehe..*pedas la cili jepon*

The shivering participants=p oh..including the photographer pelis..*ampun Yoo* haha..

For the record..I think the most magnificent hanami view I had witnessed so far the one and only Heiwa Koen (a memorial park of the first atomic bomb tragedy)...our night hanami spot..
the thing is..we do night hanami..hence the no-picture of the surrounding =| waaaaaaaa!!!!!
btw..our hanami spot was located by the river..can see or not *_*

The night hanami was one perfect hanami for me so far..despite of:
1-Sudden attack of coldness!
2-Sambal yang sgt pedas T_T
3-Kong's only dish (you don't wanna know =p)

Other than that..I was so happy ^_^

Err..yes, there will be another post about hanami..I promise you this one will be..extra different=p *poyo*
Puan Wani

Sakura tree at night=)


  1. haha..:)
    it was fun !.. cantik juge gmbar tu. hihihi

  2. Nak ajak husband g picnic mlm2 jugakla. hahaha.

    kalau x kne rompak...kne tangkap khalwat. haha. xbest sungguh la kat sini. Mahu g jepon.. T_T

  3. Yoo:^_^
    SCR:bahaha..u know what..I am composing something related to that right now.hv to stop bg laluan kepade keje kejadah!



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