Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still around=)

I am so missing blogging!!!
I am now in the midst of real 'Japanese work ethic'..huhu..before this I only heard about it..and now..experiencing it..As a 'true Malaysian'..I am having a hard time to get along with 'beyond absurd' schedule..
in logic..all works can only be completed in time if only..sleeping time is erased=|
Notwithstanding..deep down I know..all these will make a better me in the future..InsyaAllah=)

And well..despite of how busy I elaborate my life is currently..I still managed to visit..a small piece of 'heaven'

Here's the sneekpeek=)
Ok, stay tuned for more..=)

Jya matta everyone!
Good night! ^_^
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  1. Hehe...gud luck my dear with your work. Take care juge ye kesihatan tu.



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