Friday, April 22, 2011

sakuraless hanami..sigh

Look at the picture above..hehe...'sakuraless' hanami with my darling (oh..I don't know which emoticon to put!whether to refer to 'sakuraless' part..oh 'hanami with my darling' part o_O)
Let's imagine the 'supposed to look picture' whereby..the tress above my head is filled with white pinkish petals=)
I know..why on earth we did 'hanami' without sakura??!! can it become hanami without sakura T_T..huhu...but he insisted to go=p plus, I am a person who love picnic..anything, no problem to pack everything and sit on the grass=)
Oh wasn't that bad..the environment was more dramatic despite of the sakuraless tree. Because the petals filled the air and flies around us while we eat=) hehe..(walopon asyik kene tutup semua hidangan kalau xnak jadi lauk sakura=p)..
Overall, we did had a great sakuraless hanami=)

Don't laugh okeh..coz not just us in the park..a lot of peoples also missed the sakura weekend a week before that..

One week before that??why haven't we had hanami together??
Longgg story..but it was!haha..not all..part.
But it's ok..I never regret it..
Before sakura arrived, I have a lot of plans in mind. Since this will be my first sakura moment kinda feeling like doing everything..and can't stop thinking 'How if I die within this year??I wouldn't be able to see this....that...', I decided to do everything before the sakura passed!Unfortunately..'pretty-ness' doesn't last long. Also applicable to sakura2=/
They only stayed for a week!with the help of hujan..they stayed even shorter=|
I nagged hubby to go to Kyoto..yes, I consider the place as the most beautiful spot in Japan..I think everybody in here will agree to that.

Initial plan was to tell the whole story about 'how I get my sakura dream to life'...but it will be too too long..better stop here..and I'll tell you what was I doing dumping my husband during the most beautiful weekend in Japan=/

yes, girls..we do have priority conflicts..some times=/
Puan Wani

Don't you see this like a piece of..heaven??=) stay tuned!


  1. Bestnye! Logic jugak if pegi tym sakuraless. If sakura petals and all that asyik gugur masuk foods je...mau makan dlm keadaan marah. haha. Anyways! cant wait for the next entry! The scenery looks awesome!!



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