Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden Week

I still remember when I was in long distance relationship (LDR). I used to wait for him to come back around this time. It was fine during his student years cause we will be on sem break. So, he will be around me a little longer. But when he has started working, the longest he can cuti was..err...1 week=|and oh yes..1 week tu pun sebab wedding day=|

Japan is not like Malaysia. We here don't have many days off (if Malaysia it would be many many..even menang bola pun, shall we be thankful to Malaysia=p).
The culture here kan..they like to 'kumpul' cuti.
For example, one cuti in week A and 1 cuti in week B. So, susah nk cuti sekejap2..kumpul tros dua hari in week C. Got it?
That's what happen in Golden week (more or less) whereby scattered holiday happen very much near to each, isytihar cuti seminggu..begitulah..

But, I am a lucky little girl who lost her rabbit!
Professor gave me extra cuti because..I am a very poor young lady who has to stay far far away from her prince charming, hence the extraness=p

My 'evil' friends are planning for Korea trip..yeah..without me=|

My in laws are coming to, let's see how we (me n hubby) being their tourist guide=p

Puan Wani


  1. O wow! it's time to show them ur cooking skill! hahaha XD saje bg ko cuak. hahah XD

  2. Hahaha.... Setuju ngan scr diatas. Owh hello scr. Cuak x wani? Hahaha...

  3. SCR n Fifi:Damn=| aku cube xnk mention pasal msk memasak korang dpt menghidu kerisauan aku=/ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!xtaula ape jadik T_T

    Yoo:heppi holiday too!!!jgn lupe balik jepon balik okeh!haha



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