Saturday, April 2, 2011

better person

Is it good to express your disgust straight on the face..??letting the person know that s/he is annoying??
keep it inside and sell the stories around to other people (I mean..people in plural)??

which one actually a better person??


  1. the first one is selalu jumpa yg second. tmbah2 kat FB. bnyk yg 2nd tu.

    esok kite ronggeng di Hondori ye. ;)

  2. Me? to hell with him. Wat mnyusah kan aje being around pepel mcm tuh. Dah belajar to not be bothered with annoying pepel. If u know wat i mean.

  3. need to kommen..bahaha..aniwez..r u really dh pandai??u sure u dont need our help anymore??it's annoying to see you being annoyed but u didnt get much annoyed as we got watching u being annoyed=[

    Eiqa:hehe..but i have problem with riak riak muke mmg x boleh nk'll show straight away if I am annoyed with somebody..=(

  4. no satu kak least org tuh tau masalah dia ;D alahhh just jd diri sdr jer. lantak p org nk kata apa... setiap org ada kelebihan n kekurgn and setiap org juga akan ada rasa iri hati n hasad dengki ;) tukar2 entry yg best2 n positp ya!



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