Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fact..I'm telling the truth

Hubby and other boys (all kot) never locked their home.
# I still remember I need to pray but I won't make it on time if we have to do it at home. So, hubby stop at this house rented by his boy friends la kan..he opened it and we solat 2 waktu terus dlm tu..I was like.."WTH..are we breaking into other people's house??" and he went next door to get me cans of root beer=|but I still have to tahan my pee..I cannot pee't that a toilet??eww!!!

Later I learned..they all never locked their home..(but please at least lock it when you go home Malaysia!)

Hubby left every gadgets in the car..List me now..iPod, radio, ape tu yang tunjok2 jalan tuh..and the list goes on..=|
#Cube masuk carrefour Subang dgn kerete beliau skrg ni..mmg 4 tingkap pecah teros=|

No scanner at the entrance and the exit of malls or shops.
#Believe it or not..there's none..they even arrange the selling stuff outside of the shop, and cashier inside. Easy for criminal=p but they do that way because there are none=)

There's nothing bole cabut2 here cz no reason for that=|

That's all I can think of now.
Update you guys soon ^_^

Jya ne,
Puan Wani


  1. wat a beautiful country w a beautiful ppl. Serious rase cm tenang dok kat sane eh wani. ^_^

  2. rase selamat..nk blk mlm2 nek beskal sorang2 pon x tkt..lupe nk kunci rumah pon x takt..n selalu je dornag x kunci kete..guys la tu..

  3. kan..guys suka x kunci pintu kan kak wani..
    tp naseb baek jepun kita xpenah la plak buat..hihi

  4. wow..Dalila..just checked on your blog=) dok japan jugak erh??which part?

  5. duk shimane..dekat jugak dgn hiroshima..
    seronok x hiroshima kak wani?

  6. ...usah terhantuk baru nak menjerit . kunci le apa yang memang ada kunci even tempat tu kompom selamat>>pesanan penaja utk ur hasben. heheheh



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