Friday, April 8, 2011

hari esoknye dalam sejarah..

I'm sure everybody has heard about the major aftershock last night near the epicenter of the last massive earthquake..
Of course we were extremely surprised by the extraordinary follow ups quakes.
We were told about the 1 month aftershocks since the 1103 strikes.
But I don't think we are expecting another major strike.

When my husband called telling me the news (I don't have TV at home..and I don't see the need for me to have one=p), the first thing slipped into my mind was..Fukushima reactor! Oh God..I hope the situation are much under control and hopefully the mother earth have some mercy towards us here..I pray for the situation to not be anymore worse than it is now! InsyaAllah..

As for today, no latest report saying any harm done on the reactor subsequent to the last night's quake and tsunami despite of the location of the reactor power plant which so near to the epicenter itself! I really really hope the earth plates has now stable...;/

Tapi..I am writing now to share with one peaceful day before 1103 chaos.
Alhamdulillah..I had a great day!

Everything happened on that day was planned in a very short notice..
Our initial plan was supposed to be executed on..guess when??1103!But..hubby decided to go a day before..Alhamdulillah..we are saved from a worse situation that we have been in. Allah has better plan for us=) So, we go..early in the morning..heading to Tokyo. It took about 3 hours to reach Tokyo from Toyohashi by car. Trust Japan..3hours driving is considered very much near.

Hubby keep insisted to stop for subuh prayer at this one destination..
I remember I was so sleepy..the road was dark..but when the sky was about to get bright, I saw this one huge..huge..mountain in front of me..oh, when it was standing in front of you..with dark background and the huge thing is white in color..ehe..I felt slightly eerie at first and jaw dropped as I realized what it was=) we are..the big mountain I white was..Fuji san (Fuji Mountain)=) It was beautiful..beautiful..when you are on the can give it a more closer look..but I could not get a pretty picture in a moving car T_T

Ok, then we stopped again..mostly for toilets..
Gosh..I should have take pictures of their RnR..Everything was like in 5 stars hotel!I almost cried of terharu looking at their beyond imagination RnR T_T..You cannot think of any problem when driving for long distance!

At this one RnR, hubby was purposely stop by for melon pan.
Melon pan. I never like it. They tasted like a plain, dry bun (in Malaysia la..hehe..). I don't see any special for it. Sometimes I wonder why they called the bun melon pan when there's no melon in it..or whatsoever about melon with the bun=|
But this melon pan where my husband said the location of the most famous melon pan..proved me wrong..
I was skeptical at first..I told can this melon pan could be improvised=|
Look at the above picture..I seriously fall in love with this melon pan..
At the RnR that's famous for melon pan, I saw many types of melon pan??and put in ranks??
The one I show you is in the first rank..albeit the ugliest look=p It contains melon cream..and they are extremely exquisite!
Seriously..I was more attracted to the others..which in lower rank coz their looks drooled me!
But what to do...hubby insisted to buy the first and second rank..
Then we we bought so little T-T..
Ok, until now I am still addicted to melon pan..but to get one like this..never at other place T_T

Two lovebirds in a car for 3 hours..I don't feel anything..
In a blink je I think, we finally here..
I've been longing to go here..I just want to experience this place..
Located in Chiba..and one place significantly affected by the 9.0 massive quake on 1103.
We felt lucky in a way..that we are one of the last visitor on the last peaceful day they had there.
Part of the view=)
The view at night..

So, can you guess where was I then??=)
Puan Wani


  1. Wowwww bestnye.... singgah siniii

  2. omg...the last pic is sooooo spectacular. Thank God u were there b4 it happened. ^_^



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