Monday, April 11, 2011

DisneySea:Duffy Madness

Do you know what character is that??err..I mean the brown bear tu..bkn pink bear at the front=p

That's Duffy. The Duffy..The bear always appear as the toy for Mickey and Minnie..
sigh..until that pon they market this thing..
This thing is a new madness in Disney's land.
Everybody was carrying it..even the boys..and they take care of it like a real baby..
I saw some of them put the bear inside stroller and cover them with selimut bebagai..sigh..
Some were carried like a baby..and most were put in their coat like carrying a baby in baby carrier=| Yang x tahan lagi..most of them carried more than one Duffy..and of several different sizes!wth!haha..
Ok..let's check on Duffy in.. where else..Duffy's shop=| see..there's even kedai dedicated just to sell Duffy and it's stuff..
When I said means..baju for DIFFERENT SEASON..and everything else that's for me..ridiculous!
Ok, the smallest size Duffy cost 4,000 yen..(about rm100=|) And no, they are not usually carrying the smallest one!arghh!!!
Ok, don't let me start with Duffy's muffler=|
Look at how they make Duffy so trendy..
They also pasang some sort of seats for Duffy for photo taking purposes o_O sgt overrated=|
Oh, no..this photo xde kene mengena dgn Duffy dan keluarga beliau=p
that's us..leaving DisneySea..before the place was struck by tsunami T-T

Disneyland vs DisneySea??
Puan Wani votes for..*drumroll* Disneyland!ahaks!=p

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  1. Lamenyeee xupdate blog. ur blog pun jrg jenguk semenjak 2 menjak ni. banyak pule entrynye. Baiklah sy perlu qada'. T_T



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