Monday, April 18, 2011

Bread pudding for lazy bums=p

I have promised my friend to post on bread pudding recipe..
It has been a veryyyyyyyyyy long time since I last made one. Like 2 years ago kot=/
Ok..without further ado..

The ingredients..
1) a cup of sugar.
2) 4 eggs
3) 4 spoons of melted butter
4) 600ml evaporated milk or any kind of milk
5) a pinch of salt, drop of vanilla essence
6) loaf or any kind of bread you might preferred
7) banana or any fruits you like
8) raisins or any sprinkles of your likings
9) A blender

1- Blend together no items no. 1 to 5
2- Arrange the breads in a baking pan. Don't forget your fruits *see picture below*
Arrange the bread and fruits and make sure there are very little empty holes between them=)

*I usually opt for banana..other fruits give great taste could be peaches or pineapple*

3- Pour the blended items into the baking pan.
Ok, here's the key; when you pour it, give some time for the bread to absorb it..
facilitate absorption by pressing breads with a fork.
Keep pressing and add the blended items little by little..this process will take some times.
*This is very important it well to ensure the 'puddingness' of your bread later on =p*

4- Sprinkle some raisins on top..

5- Bake: 180 degree, 45 minutes.

Freshly baked from the oven=)
*Once it cooked, let it cool in room temp. for a few minutes before you cut it. Don't keep it in the oven..nnt die penyek=p*
Ok, cut it in pieces you desired=)
*tips: Rotan je tgn sape yang cungkil bread pudding cantik anda tadi ngan garpu- mase anda tgh mandi=|*'s so obvious I composed this post in a hurry T_T..
Jya matta ne..Puan Wani


  1. Wani! cm best je. xyah letak dalam fridge eh?

    tetibe terbayang sonn kne rotan sebab cungkil bread pudding kamu dgn gapu. hahaha XD

  2. mmg selalu kne rotan!nakal sgt!mmg dah tau la caner anak nnt..nnt bile ade anak x tau nk tudoh mane satu=/

  3. Hahahaha XD lawak2. mesti tarik muke masam lepas kne rotan. hahaha =D

  4. yeaaay!!! da lama mintak resipi nie!!! maseh kak! ;p hahaha

  5. vanilla sos ada tak recipe ;p

  6. eh..atique penah mintak eh??ler..sampai lupe=p gomenneasai..hehe..
    yang akak nye nih..mkn cantu je dh sedap.sbb kemanisan die dah berpatutan..kalau atiq nk mkn ngan custard sos or ice cream, kurangkan gula die tuh.
    i dont hv proper recipe for custard sos tuh...but if akak buat gune:
    1-setin evaporated milk
    2-setgh cwn gule *bole adjust ikot kemanisan yang anda suke..*
    3-bncuhan tepung kastad

    masakkn satu n due..bile dh stat boil, mskkn tepung kastad sikit sikit sampai kepekatan yang anda desired..
    jgn lupe titiskan sedikit vanilla essence..


  7. stail spoil brat;/ lg kite rotan cekak pinggang..lg la die mkn byk2"/

  8. hehehee...menariks. dicungkil puding roti sbb nak fruits tu ke?

  9. sedapnyer suke makan nie boleh cube nie...;-)

  10. Yoo:nk mkn secare rebellious la syg oi..
    inaz:sile2..nnt pos kt fb k.same ke tak ghopenye=p
    wan:cubela..senang kan..kalo kt restoran sepotong dh mhl;/



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