Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Onomichi:Hanami atas gunung

I was intended to put more pictures for this post..but no..it won't be so pleasure reading while waiting the whole day for the photos to finish loading=p hehe..I always forgot about how bad our (Malaysia) internet service are when I'm here=p Gomenne ..
But I think we don't have to worry for long...I think Malaysia will catch up soon=)

Night hanami done..Hanami without the sakura (T_T) also done..What else??
Can think??hehe..

It was all unplanned..and we had no idea about the gunung and..the hot weather on that particular day=|

Most of the students here will have host family. Usually they will only have one host family. Sometimes you can have 10.haha..So, by having host family (which is of course must be a Japanese), senangla nanti bile your family nak dtg from Malaysia. No need hotel=p
Me??I don't have host family..coz I don't have time for that=/ Lagipun I have a husband here..Technically, he is my family=)

Ok, enough with that..

The idea for the trip came from my friend, G, host family. I refused at first..but when I think back..why shouldn't I join? Sakura is not coming so often and it's just hanami..I still have to eat right??Nothing to lose there..So I agreed.

We went out so early that day to catch morning train to Onomichi. It's quite far from Hiroshima. I was excited because that was the first time I went out of Hiroshima to other places (besides Toyohashi, Nagoya and Tokyo=p haha). And I mean..with friends=) We really thought it's gonna be a short hanami, i.e. eat, talk and then we can go shopping in Diamond City afterwards..

When we arrived, G's host family briefed us about Onomichi and the place they proposed for hanami. I was like..ok..no problem..it's just a picnic right??
We have to walk about 5 minutes to this one village located on the hill slope.
The look was exactly like Greece. Everything was built on the hill slope. Not far from the hills where houses are built, was stunningly beautiful sea with small ports and trust me..breathtaking view of long long hanging bridge.

But, we never thought the road up there will be so steep and..err...difficult. In my case, I think I faced the worst situation coz..I was wearing heels!!I am not a heel person okeh..I was just wearing heels on a day I think I might not be walking much..but that day..it was not JUST a longggggggg walk..we are like mendaki gunung batu yang sgt2 steep..T_T..Imagine that..and don't forget our picnic bag=|oh and don't forget the suddenly hot weather as we walk up the hills=|

Please bare in mind the heels I wore were 3 inches which I jarang2 pakai!Seriously..nk bediri pun susah sebab the very steep road up=(

Other that that..we still enjoy the view on the way up..We saw a lot of building like this..mcm harry potter x???=p *Damn! G wore flat shoes=/* and of course variations of sakura tree bending towards the alleys up..protecting the rays for us=)

All of us dressed up extra well on that day..coz we had other plans in mind and having hanami with G's host family was a small part of our day schedule..we planned to dismiss at 1. But at 1..we still were..mendaki and tolak each other and...dragged each other up=/
This is the half way up..there was the main shrine of Onomichi..The guy was more hillarious coz he pakai baju mcm artis korea daki gunung=p ahhaha
Also, this place is famous with that 'batu besar'...I don't know why..
and this photo showing how half dead we were and ready to drag our foot up some more=p
Finally..sampai ke..no..not the peak..just the shrine where you can see the whole Onomichi..=) sgt2 cantik. and be careful of the strong wind. It can pushes you down the 'balcony' haha..and if you 'lucky' you are still alive..then you can climb back up=/
Ok, we are almost there..I just wanna show you the pathway along the hills when you past the shrine. Sakura tree along the road till..I couldn't made sure where's the end!Like a painting when you don't have enough space to draw=p

Trust me you don't wanna see our face after the 'climbing' session=/

Memang gile pergi mendaki tapi x plan lgsg T_T

But what can I say..what an experience!

So, if you plan of coming to Japan, come to Onomichi for some adventure!=p don't forget your heels..haha

Find out more about Onomichi here ^_^

Btw, the adventure wasn't stop until the climbing session okeh..=|

Bile menghitung hari je nk balik..mood baik je ^_^
Puan Wani


  1. haaa...u got me jelous. T_T mahu menikmati panorama itu juge.. T_T mahu mahu.

  2. kalo due2 sakit lutot..mmg sampai takat tangge mukaddimah jela..hahahahhaha=p

  3. hehe..been to Onomichi. Memang kat area situ tangga very steep. Jenuh nak naik. bila turun rase tak leh nak break la pulak...tmbh2 bdn berat kan. rase nak terbang terus ke bawah je. Personally, Yoo suka view kat sana. Cantik. Osusume place yg kena lawat kat dlm Hiroshima ni org Jepun kate.



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