Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book for fun

I am not a good reader..
Maybe because I have problem to stay in focus. My mind is easily distracted..except..if there are adrenaline around..
So, bedtime reading???
The most I could go was about 2 pages=| and tadaa..I will immediately stepped into the dreamworld=p

However, depends on the book jugak..
some book do made we awake and occupied..

Speaking about books, there's one book I found so different.
The way the author write is so..not like writing=p haha..
He's like talking to you..and the word he used was not the type you put in writing=p for my blog=p haha...I never used beautiful words..I write genuinely from my heart..thus the keteraburan melande disetiap paragraph=p
This is the book I'm talking about in here..
I tell you have to find this book. The author is sooooo hilarious!!I got this book from a friend..and I keep it for months before having the appetite to read is not the book type that I used to read. But when I read the first page, I was laughing like crazy and I couldn't stand but laughed in the middle of seminar..(I just took a peak at one paragraph;/)

In addition to the fact that this book is extremely hilarious, the book has explained so well how I feel as a foreigner in Japan..I mean one foreigner who has difficulties to find interest to learn their language!! I don't know why I am lacking of..first of all..the motivation to learn their language! x sedar diri kan??I keep perasan myself as a tourist=/ sgt hampeh=/

Well, if you are looking for some readings, please consider this book=)
I don't know about you guys..but I am one person who always seek fun! ^_^
And I can assure you this book is one fun thing to treasure! I can read it again and again and again and.....

Mind my MIA on and off..
Puan wani!

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