Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tokyo DisneySEA

Sambung dr post yang ini, well..I think most of you could guessed=)
We were having fun at Tokyo DisneySea..a day before the historic earthquake..

Don't worry..I won't be babbling about my schedule while I was there=p
I'll just share with you about what you could find there..
I don't know about you, but I never heard other places with DisneySea..Disneyland banyak la kot..That's why I nk sgt pegi=p

Oke, first of all, DisneySea is not as huge as DisneyLand..
And for me, the buildings, views, likings will be inclined towards Disneyland=) of course..castles everywhere!
But for pwincess T_T..
The rides are mainly for adults as for the movie adapted for them..
Like Indiana Jones, Journey to the center of the earth, etc.

Nevertheless, the architecture for Disneysea still marvelous!

Oke, like other DisneyLand, Universal Studio..this place also divided into particular themes..
For example, mermaid land and Mediterranean territory.
So, as I mentioned it here, I'm sure all of you can imagine what will you find at all these places.

I like mermaid it's beautiful!and the games mostly invented for kids kot..that's why I like it..No hormones ever secreted subsequent to the rides T-T The view outside the mermaid land also stunning..but gomennasai..I couldn't find the pictures T_T"

At mermaid land, most rides are found indoors. But at the exit, there are small roller coaster..hehe..hubby xnk naik sbb x mencabar katenye T_T
Oh, floating jellyfish=p lgla x mencabar..haha..naik turon solero shot yang mini=p but for those who gayat, it is advisable..cubela!!haha...x tinggi pon=p but we all decided to try cz..i don't know..dh xde org queue kan=p

Ni pulak..ikan buntal putar (I forgot the name..but it was ikan buntal..)
That's me bile kene putar=p MAse kene!tp bile bgn nk turon..dah senget=p

One thing I have to warn you..whenever you go to Disneyland or Disneysea..your foot will be extremely exhausted!Wear comfortable shoes okeh!
Besides rides, there are many2 shows you can enjoy. In mermaid land shownye ialah..mermaid show!!who else is the star??of coz la Ariel ^_^ But..we cannot use our, I just show you the stage before the show started T_T..Alive Ariel was so beautiful!!I wonder la how Disney crew could find these beautiful girls to act as princess and all..

And later in the evening..when we were very exhausted..we decided to rest from walking by watching a broadway show..
Err..sorry..we both immediately fell asleep as the first singer came out;/ tsk2..mmg due2 xde stendet T-T

We are so japanese!we woke up when the last singer (Mickey Mouse) about to end his last line of the song=p we were so much refreshed after that=p

And we follow the crowd out..everybody was lining up for..

Venetian Gondola..haha..
Hubby was so stressed that he has to lined up for 20 minute just to ride the damn slow gondola=p I love it though..Romantic kan ^_^
And when we passed this one konon2 'sacred' junction..everybody has to make a wish..=p
Oke..this is one dangerous ride..Indiana Jones..Until 9p.m..waiting time still 200 minutes T_T giloz!

I really hate it when I have to accompany my husband for dangerous rides!
You know..I am a very small, fragile and everything soft=p
Nila kapal korek for journey to the centre of the earth..sekerii...
First you have to take elevator up berape feet tah..but tinggila..and you will ride the kapal korek turon menjunam..waaaaaaaaaa..
it was fun though=p

Oh, this was my first ride..muke br bgn tido=p roller coaster yang x bahaye sgt..
the real roller coaster??no, thanks=|
And bile penat...kite naek ride yang x de feeling..seperti perahu sinbad ni.haha..selow je...sambil dgr lagu sinbad=p
Storm raider..this one serious bes gile!!bes gile!!!
if you guys have a chance coming here, please consider storm raider..
I was amazed of the rides!I don't know if I can say it's a you just need to sit on a chair with all the others..
when you come out you are wet (haha..) and your jantung bedegup kencang=)
I sgt salute dgn inventor storm raider ni=p
Tower of husband was soooo excited to try this..but I was sooo scared!naseb baekla x sempat..haha..
It's like 2 times of solero shot in Genting Highland kot..eeeee....x mola..ade yang saket jantung=/
Tp seriously..this is the main attraction here.
Columbia ship..where 'talk with turtle' is located..
Talk with turtle??wth je when I first told this is also one main attraction..
But...the turtle talks!haha..and he was funny!!funny sgt!!But the turtle talks japanese T-T..but I got my translator..and I laughed because of his reaction to the questions given by the audience=)
This one also a must go ^_^ gamba atas gondola n org sdg make wishes=) oh yeah..the gondola driver (bg name sendiri je=p) did sang for us=)

Other attractions was...Water parade..
For me??nah..I like Disneyland Parade much much more ^_^..jauhla dlm air dorang, x feel sgt..and xde pwincez2..I like princesses=p

Ok, that's all that I have in mind to share with you for now..There are a lot more for sure ^0^ the name implied, yes, it is located by the sea. So, the next day..this place also was affected by the earthquake and tsunami..
I am not sure whether they have fully recovered by now..

If you guys still are not feeling nausea reading my average writing, hehe..can you please stay tuned for the next episode;p
Puan Wani

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  1. Nice place..nak gi lagi situ...& nice pic!!almost all ur picture very clear. ur hubby must be very good with dslr.



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