Thursday, March 24, 2011

Season change

I reached Japan when natsu (summer) was at the peak..I remember woken up by heat in the morning..some times we have to sleep in 36 degree cz hubby refused to install air-conditioner in our home T_T..kipas??hehe..they blew the heat straight on your face!

Then one fine morning..aki (fall) came. In sudden. No signs accompanied the transition except the doubtfully extra rain a few days before.

Aki to fuyu (winter)?? Hardly noticed both season are cold..the different??fuyu's temperature was extremely cold (was??I am freezing still here~~)..Other than that..nothing made significant difference..
Eh, aki, trees start togelkan diri..n during winter..pokok adelah togel dgn licinnye..hehe..that's how you know you are in winter!hehe..
But one thing for sure..aki is one beautiful very short season. Have to make full use of it..=)

I heard many people like haru (spring)..We thought we were already in haru one month ago!
The temperature had started gotten warmer, hence the calling to clear out closet from the bulky coats=p
I don't know whether it's unfortunate..when we experienced weird tenki (weather) soon after the '110311' tragedy. Temperature fell abruptly like peak winter. Snow fell again from the sky..and nothing saddened us more than thinking about people in north Japan..

Now, as I am writing this, the coldness still unbearable..but thank God..the crisis has gotten better..Alhamdulillah..

Despite of the weird fluctuations in thing is definite..spring is still coming=)
How am I sure of this??
Picture I took a week ago..I remember looking at the small branches coming out from the 'togel' trees..and the next day..I flowers were born=) All happened in front of my eyes..
Subhanallah...I was amazed by the transition of trees..I don't know how would I react to transition of my own kids! ^_^ can't wait!

I sneezed more frequently lately..don't tell me I am one of them who have allergy to pollen T_T
Puan Wani


  1. i wish i can go there witness Allah's great creation. Tp last nyt br je hub cakap kne tunde rancangan nk g japan. T_T

  2. this morning at odd freaking hour..i was also told..'we have to postponed our honeymoon plan';/

  3. huuuuuuu T_T kita serupaaa kita serupaaa. huhuhuhuuu

  4. so..jgn sedey..u r not alone..=|
    at least u dh g hanimun T_T

  5. hihi...yes spring is coming. a little bit late... my officemate said to me yesterday. I was amazed by this tree before...takde daun and suddenly all the white flowers bloomed.

  6. yeah..everybody said it's weird tenki..i've been keeping my spring dresses too long!can't wait!



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