Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taipei 101

It was Saturday night. The husband just finished his work for today. Despite of Saturday, because this is overseas' assignments, every hour is precious so that the tasks given could be done within the time frame.
It was his second time being posted here, Taiwan, a country much resembles Malaysia. Everybody said that. The one who kept saying that was his wife. Oh, he can't stress enough how noisy that woman could be. She told tale about Taiwan like she's been there. sigh..
Well, he is used to her high pitch, annoying voice for 10 years. Some people will say, that's scary..but he thinks, the scary part is not to be able to listen to it again.
He knows he had been busy for the past weeks. Everyday he got back to a sleeping wife. In a few days he can assure that his wife could be bursting like volcano, asking for attention. He is counting the days.
What can he do to avoid such a disaster from happening?
Well, they married after being committed to each other for almost a decade. he can read her mind so easily. The eruption of volcano is almost definite. However, there's always ways to cool it down before it happens. So basically, his wife is not like volcano. she is more like a nuclear reactor struck by tsunami.
The husband now got a bit of time to enjoy Taipei at night. So, he decided to bring the wife along with him.
The husband has always being one who fond of big, well developed cities. He could be easily stunned by tall buildings and fancy lights. That's why the first place came to mind was..Taipei 101.
Taipei 101 at night.
The husband wanted to make a surprise for his wife. So, he made sure the wife did not see what's coming until the reach the top.
View.From the wife's eyes..
The view was then revealed to the wife. She was starstruck on how beautiful the view are. The husband 'brings' her closer to the glass wall and help her see different angle of the city. She was so happy and burst to tears. Not because the scene is too pretty it makes her cry. It was the fact that..she can't kiss the husband's at the cheek and say 'thank you'.
'Us' at the entrance of Taipei 101
Although it was just a few minutes, it felt so real. It feels like she was standing next to him, but in real..she is stuck in the screen.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Saijou sakura

Marking my last hanami in Hiroshima (perhaps, inshaAllah)

The event was held for all Malaysian in Hiroshima.

It was a short get together on a verrry breeeezy day! phew.

Nevertheless, it was awesome and I had fun enjoying the last moment of sakura. Alhamdulillah..

I am quite busy now, but taking a short break to put this entry just so that I wouldn't forget the moment:)

It was on Sunday afternoon, the same day husband left for Taiwan (he's still there at the moment :'( ), so we went separate ways at the train station. It was such a sad moment lambai kat, I took the first shinkansen back to Hiroshima.

Oh, did I forget to mention?I had a high fever since that Saturday. It was prolong and..torturing T_T

I don't want to be sick and stay at home alone. So, thank God the event was moved to a later time., dengan kedemaman, yours truly meredah naik train ke Saijou (a place where most Malaysians live).

chamwhoring with G. we have our personal photographer ya know;D

With M'sian ladies. Mosf of us are students.

Finally..M'sian in Hiroshima:)


Otsukaresama minnasan!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sakura suffer!

I'm busy blowing my nose. It is so frustrating coz nothing comes out la.
Kafuncho got me again this year.
It's like every year my immunity towards pollen allergy got worse!
and they say this is usually happening to the japanese.
Well, I married to one. Does that count?
Thank God for the face mask. Besides protecting me from the pollen, this is the best way to hide my terribly red nose. haha. It is terribly inflamed. I don't have what we call mancung T_T

Spring supposed to be most people's favorite season. It'd be for me too. If I can stand the pollen la. Apparently no.. >,<
Well, let's see..
Happening now ^_^
What's the big deal? This flower could only be enjoyed in a week. After that, it'll dissapear and leaves will take over the tree. By next week, the trees will become all green.
I think sakura is not just found in Japan, in Korea and China pun ada..
hanami (picnic under sakura tree) is only seen in Japan. I think. lol xp
So far this is my favorite hanami spot. Apart from it is near to my house, it appears a lot like my imagination :D

This year will probably me my last hanami. At least in Hiroshima.
So, I decided to make use of the hanami weekend to the maximum! hehe
Saturday: We decided to have a hanami far from the city. To an island famous for big fat oysters; Miyajima.
Sharing with you a few photos out of..err..probably 1000 (in combinations :p)
On Sunday, we went hiking..
My bentou ^_^
[photo 2]
[photo 3]
*photo 2 and 3 are deleted due to extreme ugliness of the author post hiking*

Ok, that's all for now..I gotta run to the toilet to blow my nose T_T
p/s:for more journey of me in japan..find 'roslizawani' in keek ^_*


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