Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love-Hate Relationship

I have a very high hope of my remaining 2 months holiday. I want to do so many things that I was forced to put behind for years. I have a long list of sweets to try making, the piano that has been waiting for me for years to attend to, and sewing which I have just started. So, going down with flu and fever for which for now has been 3 days, is so frustrating. Usually, drugs+antibiotics work well on me. But, for some reason, I have to refuse antibiotics and settle with a mild drugs for flu. It does not work! I did many things to make myself comfortable especially for the cough. I tried air asam jawa, honey with lemon, all tak jalan.. If it is just the hingus and kahak, I could still functioning. But, with all the body aching and the fever, I can't even solat properly.


Trust me, the caused is not the cold weather which had just started a few days ago. For some reason, I could not stand this thing..

The thing called danbou (heater). The more cassic the type, the more disasterous it is to me.


On this cold weather, of course danbou is the survival kit. You know, to prevent you from frostbite. But, I can't help it that I am in love-hate relationship with this thing. The highest temperature I can tolerate is apparently 25, and this is accompanied by the air purifier.


But, 4 days ago, husband was down with fever and he turned the heater to 28 for the whole night. The next day, I got sick and he is in the pink of health again. When I think back, it is usually like that. I can be among those who are demam, and get infected last and the worst! I am totally his guardian angel. I took away his sickness. If that's so, I am more than willing to do so ^_^




Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What's with my face?

My skin for 28 years and 11 months, before it became...

Tompok-tompok macam baru lepas demam campak. I tell you, demam campak pun tak persist for months :/

The tompoks are so disturbing to me as well as other people masalahnya. haha...How do I know? When I meet my friends when I was in KL, that's the first thing they ASKED! yea..they are so sensitive like that -_-" Obviously it bothers them so much that they have to ask! "what's with your face??!" with facial expression very similar to when you just witness kemalangan jalan raya gitu -_-"


After I got questioned by so many people..about my face (!) , I think it's time for me to properly invest in skincare. I have been a loyal shiseido user since I was 20. So, I was thinking maybe it is time to change. I don't know other skincare yang trustworthy, except SKII. Don't you agree? The price for daily routine product also are no much difference with Shiseido (except of course the miracle water which I contemplated to buy).


So I went to the SKII counter for skin analysis at the MV. The result showed nothing wrong with my skin. They said in conclusion, my skin is healthy. I asked if they would recommend me anything to at least stop the arising of pimples. They said I would just have to deal with the change of hormone due to my skin is changing weather. Maybe it is true. But the problem started even before I arrived in KL. sigh..


I went to Shiseido and took skin analysis. The result was the same except oily at the T-zone (obviously, KL was so hot). But the pimples are nowhere near the T-zone -_-" I asked if I could use anything to prevent the problem from getting worse? They can't recommend anything because according to them my routine are fine. But I insist. haha. Finally they 'allowed' me to buy Ibuki. A range to improvise your pores. I bought the promotional pack. I must say that Ibuki work wonders in cleaning the pores, therefore it helps to reduce the pimples. Alhamdulillah.


The problem does not stop there. haha.


Now I'm in Japan. Ibuki is strictly a no-no in here. It is autumn. Your skin tend to get dry. Ibuki would just make it worse because it would eliminate all the oil needed that helps moisten your skin. Learned it by hard. So, I went to the Shiseido counter to get my skin analyzed. As the result, my skin is healthy, but dry. It has causes the pimple to come back again. I don't get it actually.haha...because isn't pimples are caused by blocked pores? that is by oil? skin are so messed up due to pindah randah negara. Sabar jela..


So, she told me to stick with my old routine, plus, ubat jerawat. haha.

End up with Shiseido shopping spree ^_^

So, I have returned to old routine with a little twist here and there recommended by the salesperson. Let's see how it goes :)

I read a few blog by other doctorate graduates who were having similar pimple attack. They said the pimples weren't just for days, they will persist for months! -_-" Am I one of those who suffers the same aftermath? If that's so, the tips here will only be, patience.

Sebotol patience cream please!





Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 2013

I mentioned this a lot of time whenever I got stressed up life during PhD period; "I will so going to have 6 months holiday after graduation!"

Yes, people the period has now come to an end. Well, it was actually last September, the moment suddenly Wani came to hiatus, again! So, feel free to congratulate me :p ahaha

Yours truly, officially pass her doctorate. Alhamdulillah


Unlike any other graduate student, I do not have contract. So, after finishing, I am free to determine the next 'life'. Well, the PhD itself was a kind of 'rezeki datang bergolek'. The kind of moment when you never plan about it, or even strive towards it. It just came knocking on my door, giving me the sign to say yes to the marriage proposal. At first, I really want to rush into starting working at my home university. But, a few days before my departure to KL, I received the most terrible news (to me at that time); husband has to extend his stay in Thailand. This situation has made every plan goes haywire, the only way to solve it is one of us has to give up working. It was not possible to have one half in Malaysia and another half in Japan. Marriage does not work that way. Trust me, I learned this by hard. 700km apart for 3 years was torturing enough! That time, I do not think I can carry any more than 700 for even a day.

But I did it for a month. I went back to KL and spent my October in Malaysia, where I tried so hard to spend quality time with both my families, and beloved friends (I tried. haha). I satisfied with all the time spent, although I owe so many other people time with them.

Leaving Japan. At this time, I did not know whether I would come back again. So, I've been telling people that I was coming home for good.
Spending some quality time with my nieces and nephew. They are so grown up and so pandai already. Im a proud aunty.
They are my highschool sweethearts. The friends who accept me for who I am. Who grew up with me.


Some girls time with the in laws.

One of the most important event; Dr Najo got engaged. I felt really sebak to let her go ;( many more moments that are so significant in my life! I have to say October 2013 has been one fulfilling month as well as..emotionally distressing.
I miss husband terribly, therefore I tried to have a busy schedule. For that, I decided to initate something totally new in my life and I will share it with you later. I made sure every single day was filled with activities to help me stop thinking too much about him. But you know, we can't control this. No matter how fulfill, how many people are surrounding us, he is the only person that matters. It's so annoying and..scary at the same time :/
I was so busy that I do not have time to properly shopping! On the day I board the flight back to Japan, I was so exhausted. haha. As soon as I arrived home, I slept the whole day! haha.But it is okay, I have no regrets :)
Oh, didn't I tell you? I decided to take 3 months leave! I asked my boss for it. And pheww...she's so get it! Since Im not tied up, I am free to do whatever I want! Well, actually I don't know if I want to go back to work after 3 months. I feel like I had enough and so looking for something else in life. Sometimes, I wish I can play by the rules, like most people do. Especially after so many epiphany that this life is too short.
Currently, I'm enjoying my role as a fulltime housewife many hobbies! I see my hobby as my personal mission in life. Everything I have to get myself familiar with before I die. I hope this life is an acceptably a long one, because I have a long list of to do, and the most importantly, I have so much love to give away :)
Write to you more, later!




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