Friday, March 28, 2014

Glad I did this

I learn blogging from my best friend, Pn. SCR.
Do you know how it all started? She knows damn well I never good with IT related stuff. I was one of the late facebooker (if there is such a term :p) in the old days. I was (WAS) that kind of person who is scared to step outside of comfort zone because I swear my life has been difficult, it made me terrified to grab further or to bite more than I think I could at a time. Get it?

Anyway, when I start blogging Pn SCR taught me the basic thing and how, why, even what to blog. She even made me my own watermark (which I really lazy to put on even until today.sigh..). I was so naive into thinking "Hey, blogging is so much fun!" (although only SCR were reading it at that time. haha). So, she only taught me how to blog, but she never mentioned to me that blogging involved reciprocity. bahaha xp. I was not aware that...other people have blogs too?? I thought it was just me and SCR >,< lol xp Seriously guys..I was so dumb like that. So, because SCR is so famous, suddenly a few strangers came to visit. And only a few months after that I get the idea..."oh..these people have blogs too??" and "ok, I`ll save the link, I`ll come visit you later" which most of the time, I never did. do you guys find time to read so many blogs and even leave footprints?
I wonder how did all the famous bloggers work it.

I know one way to to be a very good writer! Basically good writings will make me want to come back more. But again, sometimes that is not the case. Am I right? Looking at the rate of my blog going, I am not in the position to give you tips on "how to be a famous blogger". bahahaha xp

Anyway, as time goes by, I became to say it..err..wary for what I am going to write. 
As time goes by I will have this feeling I need to tell that to the world? Will reader get annoyed to what I will be posting? Am I showing off (when I post about vacation while my intention is all to share tips for you and myself in the future). You know how I became all psycho like this?? I think you can guess :)

But most of the time, I glad I did it. Whenever I have a little time to sit and waste on the social media, I will randomly click on the recommended link at the posted entry and read notes from my old self.

Then I`ll go "Glad you did that Wani, because life after that wasn`t as nice as you had it back then."

Yes, life is getting tougher these days. Entering 3 series is no joke guys. You have a lot more responsibilities for yourself, family, and the ummah. 

Have you managed to cause changes (in a good way) to those 3 sectors? If not, welcome aboard!

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