Wednesday, December 3, 2014

iPhone vs Samsung - My review

I'm not the right person to talk about gadget. But, I think it is important to write from the gadget-bimbo point of view for the use of other gadget-bimbos out there :D

Anyway, 'A' bought me the latest iphone which is so so so so pretty!
My first smartphone was an iphone. I wasn't even want a smartphone at that time, just cause I don't know how addictive useful it is!

Just last year, I changed to Samsung, with no plans of doing it, whatsoever. The shop was in front of the shop that I wanted to go, then we sesaje enter the shop and the last thing we know, we brought home a new phone, and it was samsung, the brand we had never ever discussed to have. I have to say that was one terrible impulse buying.

Battery life

The first thing I noticed and it immediately gives me wary fast the battery drains. Not just that, the time to charge it also much longer than my old iphone (it was an iphone4). A week after that, I told my husband..I don't like that phone. Since that day, I've been counting days for the next iphone to come out and hope for it to be irresistable, so that 'A' wouldn't have choice. haha xp

Now, I'm using iphone 6+. The first thing we notice is..the battery drains very very slowly. I got to charge it once every two days. If before, 100% battery in Samsung will go down to 80% when I wake up in the morning. For this phone, it moves only 1%. How incredible. When I think back, when I use iphone, I've never need to carry a power bank. But as soon as we realized the fast drain of Samsung battery (that was a week after the purchase), 'A' bought the power bank. I never thought I would need power bank until...I use samsung.

In addition, although the battery capacity of iphone6 is much bigger than any other phone, I didn't feel the charging time is significantly longer than its other counterparts. I think Samsung took much longer to get full.


From the user who lacks of patience (like yours truly), smooth processor is very important. Or else, I will die so soon due to high blood pressure. Although still young, I have seen cases where a young person simply died because of the blood pressure goes beyond the tower. I know, I went overboard with the example, but it kills me for android/samsung took minutes just to get me connected to the person I'm calling. For example, when I need to talk to the husband at that second, then I quickly click the call history. Then I tap at his name, and then the phone ask you which app should it use?? Usually, I just tap whichever and then the phone will get hang a while, before proceed. I know right???U can die if this continues for over the years. Don't let me start on saving a new contact. It will too make u choose where to save it. I had never have problem like this. Just save the damn contacts in the phone! Grrrr... Oh, didn't I tell you that after you made all the selection, they will ask you if you want use the same action, next time? They did, but after a few times, it will ask the same question again. So, basically, you have to answer sort of 2 quizzes, before your request is met.

Another, is the camera. I'm used to iphone before, I didn't really appreciate how smooth the camera and all. When I use Samsung, at first I feel like, oh, cool! it has so many applications, etc. But then, I realized all of it is not necessary, not even make significant with slow processor. How many events I missed just caused I got annoyed with how bad the camera works. Iphone 4 took much better photos although the objects are moving! My samsung phone, you need to be static for at least 2 minutes to get a decent shot! >,< So, everytime I went out with friends who is using iphone, I will ask them to take the picture that I wanted using their camera. haha..then, send them to me. Sigh..I endured that for a year, I can't believe it. lol xp


This could be subjective for different person. But, I love the feeling when you hold an iphone, especially the most recent model. ehehe. My previous samsung was just fine, although the outer body is made of plastic. Just that, I can't stand that the 'cat' can terkopek?? I can't believe it also, but it happens to my phone. Although it is only a year old, but it looks like 5. This situation just aggravate my hate towards it further. sigh..


I loveeeee instagram (ig). bahaha..before I changed to samsung/android, I didn't know that instagram is more friendly to iphone! Waaa!Who would have thought of that >,< So, I had to install an app so that the picture taken can be fit in ig. Another hassle! Because of this, I tagged along my ipad everywhere I go. My handbag gets bulky but, I don't mind as long as my blood didn't boil just cause the camera was so slow and unable to take a decent photo, and more, can't have a nice ig-fit photo. 


I just realized this when we are about to change the phone. Just last week. I carried with me, my Japan phone (samsung) and my M'sia phone (iphone4s). In here, we can trade in the old phone for the new one. I have no further thoughts for trading the samsung one, of course. To our surprise, the quoted trading price for iphone 4s (which is 2 years older than the Samsung model), is twice the trading price of that samsung! So, 'A' decided to trade both, and we brought home two new phones, when initially the change was just for me.

All of the factors I just listed could be considered as small, for some of you. I became like that, maybe cause I started off with iphone. So, I had a hard time adjusting and at the end, I failed. You can see it like that too, if you like.

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