Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Ghost Bride

I have kept this book in my kindle for a very long time.
I decided to go for it coz..I had pretty much read everything in the library. Except this.
I bought this just cause the writer is a Malaysian and I was a big fan of cerita hantu Cina, when I was small. hehehe.


        The story is about Li Lan, a teenager who lived somewhere in Malacca and was at the age ready to be married off. Her family was once one of the rich in the city of Malacca is now poor due to his father's misfortune being cheated on. Apparently, when Li Lan was small, she was promised to be the wife of a nephew to a rich family.  But, the first son of the family has fallen in love with her, instead. Soon after he saw Li Lan for the first time, he died due to small pox, a disease which is pendemic and deadly. Despite of losing his physical body, he still wanted to be married to Li Lan. From here, Li Lan quest to save herself from being the ghost bride started.

         If you used to watch Chinese movies in the 90's, where there a lot of ghost story, mostly the funny ones, maybe you can relate to each details. I just take what I have in memory from my childhood time and incorporate. It was so much fun! Like how the author explain the burning of fake money so that the dead can use before crossing the the hall of judgment (something like that). The Chinese also will burn the 'toy' house, servants, and means of transportation. I was amazed how the author manipulate all of these to make a very nice story. 

       The writer did a great job in elaborating the scene of each chapter, it's like the imagination she/he have is so detail, which helps to build the picture in our head while we read. The feeling was like reading on of Harry POtter's where J.K Rowling explained the setting in detail, then only followed the the occurrence. I have to say that Yangsze Choo is a good storyteller. I feel itchy to tell you the ending. At start, I just want to know if she succeeded to avoid being the ghost bride or not. Only that. But, the author gave me something more. 

Ok, I should stop before I spoil it for u!

Drop me a comment or two if you have read this book, okay? I want to know what you think :)

        **spoiler alert: Li Lan falls in love with a dragon!

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