Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why I love Japan-cleanliness


Why I write this entry

I think that is too easy to guess. I don't know why it is hard to maintain a clean toilet in Malaysia. I have experienced a situation where toilet in a newly built building, got so dirty just in weeks. Another example that I think most people can relate is ones in KLIA2. My first experience in KLIA2 was just about a few months ago. That time KLIA2 just started to operate. My flight was late at night and if I have to board AA, I will always always use the toilet on land. I can't explain how relieved I was when we landed in Japan because  it will be just time know. But, not all the time that plan is successful. Anyway, the toilet at KLIA that time probably around 2am, recalling it is enough to make me nauseous. As I opened the first cubicle, there are urine so visible on the toilet seat. The person who responsible must have come from a country who doesn't have toilet. And the next one, no flushing, and the next one blood stains (you are so optimist if you think that somebody got cut) on the toilet seat, so visible that I got a headache right after. Only at the 5th cubicle I can finally use and that was a squat one. Still, I wasn't entirely comfortable with the experience. 

Problem 1: Ethics

In my opinion, one of the factor is the user. In this case, us, the citizens. If we are more appreciative, less selfish, and responsible, I think the government wouldn't need to spend much in maintenance. However, this theory is not necessarily true at some place that I've seen to have very good maintenance, not just toilet but the cleanliness of the entire compound. 

For example, at the Rest and Relax area (RnR). When I was in Malaysia, the idea of road trip will make me think many many times before I can say ok. In the matter of nature calls, I'm pretty much like Sheldon Cooper. So, I'll try my best to make sure at that time I wasn't at some random places with creepy toilets. But in here, my perspective for road trips has change. In fact, I love love traveling around here. One, is the view, and another is their RnR. It was too dreamy, you don't think such toilet even exist!

Some says that Malaysia's toilet's prone to get dirty that fast is to the fact that we use water for that business. Well, if that's so, ours should be more clean. How do you explain all the urine and blood and not flushing, then? Because you have a lot of water? Toilets in Japan are now equipped with bidet (or other types of bidet for different businesses). The way to use this facility is trickier than having a proper tap in the toilet. That can make a bigger mess if you mishandled it. 

Problem 2: Poor facility

I know, sometimes it's not the people. Have you been to situation when you found the flush isn't working after you finished your business? Worst, when the tap does not dispense water? And most of the time, public toilet in Malaysia doesn't provide toilet roll (note: the number of places does so is growing, I noticed). I have! But so far not that unfortunate that both weren't working at the same time. If that happened, I don't know what to do. I've never really though about that.

Writing this entry made me reminisce the time when I was in boarding school. Our hostel has three floors and there are plenty of toilet and showers at every floors. So, what was the problem? There were no water supply! Only one or two sink can dispense water (although the flow will make you go crazy) and so did the shower. Only two or three that was usable. The toilets? I don't remember if they ever work. I think they were only one or two toilets that worked for the second nature calls (that is, the cubicle has tap and the flush is working). It was located at the ground floor and I remember I keep wishing for the toilet to not give up on us. Showering was not a problem since we have a sunway (a huge water pool). So most of us resort to this place when it comes to worse. 

Sometimes, I encounter human's waste product at you know where, and that time we know that it is because there are no water supply. I think the water are there, but the pump or something wasn't working. I really hope our education ministry can look into this matter and amend this very simple problem. But, it's been ages since I've been into any hostel. Probably the condition now is much better. If that's so, alhamdulillah..good for our young generations. 

Current views

How about malls?
In the late 90's I think the condition of toilet in the malls was like...still disgusting. Starting in the 2000's I think the condition has improved so well. I now can stay outside longer than usual and not to worry to pee or you-know at these places. I like to go especially to places where I familiar and I know they have a great toilet. I am from Petaling Jaya so, I'm a frequent to MidValley and The Gardens (such a big fan), OneUtama, Ikea, The Curve and Sunway Pyramid. All of them, alhamdulillah has the nicest toilet. I still not liking the idea of jalan-jalan di bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, like the Sogo area. If I need to go there, it would just be for maximum 2 hours just cause..I still couldn't find a nice toilet around that area. Oh well, it wasn't my favorite place to be either.

My mom remembers me with many characters. One of it, is a child who hold her pee or whatever waste until I reach home. My mom told me, as I arrived at the door, I will always run towards the toilet. haha xp. So, I guess Japan is the right place for me, to stay for a very long time. Sadly, this water supply tak sampai condition did not stop at the school or hostel. I still had to hold my pee and others until I reach home, even at the university. Believe it or not, that time only one toilet for the whole huge department. And later I moved to another department, they have a nice toilet...with no water (most of the time). So, expect 'the expected' when you check out the cubicles. Uwekkk!!

I intended to write numbers of whys. But, I was so pumped out writing just for one why; cleanliness. I think this is enough to tell you that. I'll see you in the next why:)

Take care!

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