Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Usagijima-a place on earth claimed by rabbits!

Although 'A' and me has been in a relationship for years before we finally tie the knot, but, we were living in different continents, separated by oceans! So, I have to say that, there are a lot I still don't know about him. Let's get real, even some couple has been like belangkas before they get married, they still can surprise each other afterwards.

As soon as we are official, we immediately settle in Japan, until today. I started to get to know his friends little by little. And from them I hear about him, the part he wouldn't tell.

One of the story which made me laugh so hard and explain why he never gets my craze for cats or fluffy animal including pandas. 

The story starts when he had to babysit a pet rabbit of his friend or his senior I can't remember whose. I remember he told me that part. The part that I didn't know was, when the rabbit was accidentally let loose. This one evening, a friend of his came into his house. The culture of boys (or rather everybody) is, they don't lock their doors. I mean the home. So, whenever we feel like wanting to borrow or drop something, we could just do that even they are not at home. So, he entered the house and there....he saw 'A' standing with kitchen knife in hands..looking so ready to stab on something! He asked "What are you doing?"
"I'm chasing a rabbit!" like the rabbit is some kind of ferocious animal that u need a bloody senjata to catch it!

As far as I remember, I always have pet. It could probably start from the day I was born, because my siblings are all used to having pet. So, before I got mine, I've been playing with theirs. Among us, my brother is one of the most chronic. He always have cats all his life. On top of that he had rabbits (a huge ones) and turtle. That's what I know. I don't know if he kept some other animals that are better left unknown to his family. 

Back to the rabbit story...

I have known about an island which had once been wiped off of the world atlas to hide its existence.
Now, the small island is now inhabited by one of the irresistibly cute creature we have known on earth; rabbit! Because of that, these island is more famous for its nickname; usagijima (usagi=rabbit, jima=derived from the word shima, when combine with noun, the 's' is replaced with 'j'). The most exciting part to me is that..this island is located in Hiroshima prefecture!OMG!! I could go there for weekly basis if I wanted to. As soon as I know about this usagijima which is only about 40minutes away from our home, I immediately call for 'A' hoping the same excitement. But...naadaaa...after months and months..he managed to make me forget about this island with shopping trips. Sigh..I don't know myself. Easily get distracted by handbags.

Well, anyway, finally I managed to drag him to the island on a spare public holiday. I can't tell you how guilty I was looking at his kelat face while we are on our way there. Geez...

The trip was pretty simple and so did the island.

This is the the boat to Okunoshima (Usagijima). The jetty is unlike one you would see at a more famous attraction in here. But I don't mind it still. I saw there are a ferry too you can ride. But I'm not sure the pick up point. But, the boat is more than enough. It took us about less than 10 minutes ride, and cost us about 310yen each.

As soon as you step onto the island...these furry little creature will greet you!!My heart immediately felt very warm as warm as the weather that day. It's like I have kept this so much love for animal that I hadn't been able to pour ever since Lilo died and 'A' does not want anything to do with animal.I have to choose only one, don't I?

The rabbits there are wild rabbit, you should note. They are very sensitive to human touch that made them a little jumpier than usual. What I hate the most is when 'A' started to move when I tried to mingle with them. He is so big, that his movement made them scared, thus run away! tsk.. But, if you are lucky, there are a few who will run to you and let you pet them:')

This is one of the example I was talking about. I was walking with 'A' and suddenly, this orange rabbit came running towards me. I saw it and I reciprocate, and hand it the cabbage. 

Just sharing with you a part of Usagijima. Look at 'A' there. FYI, photos can be deceiving, you know.

For me, Usagijima was really fun. There are small area of the island reserved for beach activity. There are also a limited camping sites, etc. That day, I saw a family camping and their tent was surrounded with rabbits! How awesome is that! What's more, there are not many people came to this small island. This made me like this place even more. Finally, I found one place to relax that are not crowded and full with rabbits!

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