Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sandankyo -the place where I burned my calorie the highest in a long time..

Looks like this year we have no choice but to disregard our autumn tradition.
This year we go local to enjoy autumn's scenery. By the way, our autumn tradition was a visit to Kyoto on every peak day of autumn in a year. This year, my schedule disagreed with the tradition, hence we have to resort to an alternative. Going local it is.

We chose Sandankyo just cause that's the only place I have been wanting to go but reserve it to go with 'A'. Well, pretty much every nice place I reserved to go with him. It's like having him with me or not going at all. It's no use of going if my mind keep thinking of him..yea..I'm so pathetic like that!

If you google 'Sandankyo' you will see a lot of picture that entitled to the word 'picturesque'. You will have a hard time to tell yourself that it was not photoshopped and then you want to see it for yourself. But here, I want to remind you, the experience wasn't all walking blissfully while hearing the birds chirping then after 5 minutes you'll see so many levels of natural waterfalls. It wasn't.

After we parked our car, we followed the other visitor to wait at the 'entrance'. I thought it was only 5-50minutes walking forward then we can see the picturesque view. But most of them waited for the bus. So, did us, although we had no idea where the bus will take us. The bus journey took about 30 minutes.That long! I know, so I was thinking, if journey with the bus took us 30minutes (!) then how if we walk towards the taki (waterfalls). That would take us probably about 2 hours (minimum). I was glad we were taking the bus, although it was a little bit pricey. But the experience was worth it.
Where we found many people were standing, waiting for the feeder bus. 

The journey with the bus was my first time ever. The bus will pass through a very narrow lane climbing out to a higher latitude of Sandankyo area. The road there was impossible. The roads are narrow, most of the time it can fit only one car. Most parts don't have the barriers, so we can see the endless ravines. That was a bit scary.

The bus took us nearer (deeper) into the mountainous area. From that point, we have to hike a bit further up the mountain which is not so bad. There were two main taki and it took us about an hour to complete the visit. Don't worry, it was really fun! But, make sure to bring pizza with you. Hiking in a cold weather, my stomach couldn't stop making sounds.

This was when suddenly I stopped. My leg refused to move until I was allowed to eat pizza. Not a second late. So, 'A' will just had to feed me right away (di tengah-tengah jalan).

One of the Sandataki. It has so many levels and that's the only part that fit the lense.

I captured this with my own camera. This is one of the photo you will find abundantly in google.

The path to the taki is one to cherish. It was all breathtaking in their own way. It's like you gotta stop at every step to record the moment. 

Oh, and you know what, 'A' thinks is a good idea to walk (hike) back to our car. I was of course went against the idea the moment he proposed. But, he successfully dragged me and managed to make me forget that the course was about 6km. How? The view for the course is 10times more beautiful that at the taki area. Turn out, there are so many takis along the way, and that made me not understand what is the fuss about the one we went!

The night arrived very early now. Maghreb is at 5pm, guys. Or earlier. So, as the day getting darker, we arrived at the foot of the mountains, welcomed by a jungle of pine trees. Standing among the tall pine trees at night..that was a bit spooky! Then a few minutes later, I can see the light coming from the rest house. It was finally over. After 2 hours. And surprisingly, I didn't feel tired at all! I was proud of myself and 'A' was right. It was a journey worth taking, although we agree that it is only for one way! It was a great bonding moment too.

At the start of the 6km course. Just cause I can't remember where the bus is, and..I can't read kanji.

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