Monday, September 12, 2016

Majlis Aqiqah dan Tahnik Lily chan!

Aqiqah; is the form of sadaqah and it is sunnah muakkadah (confirmed sunnah). It is believed that by slaughtering two sheeps (for boy) or one sheep (for girl) the baby will be safe from harm. 

Tahnik; is an act to stimulate baby's sweet taste buds by touching the baby's palate with honey or pressed dates. (For more explanation, please visit this link).

We were back in KL a few weeks ago. A lot in the list to be done for this little girl. One of the highlight was her aqiqah day. She is the only grandchild my in laws have currently, so I'd like to make a proper aqiqah for Lily and them as new grandparents. Oh yes, for us too..a new parent after all these years :)

I meant this event to be intimate and sederhana for us. And gladly, it went so perfectly well.
Here's a little sneak peek of the day:)

The goodies

We had fun discussing on the goodies cause everyone just had so many crazy ideas to consider! Finally mommy agreed to muffins, pineapple tarts, mixed nuts and buku surah. Mommy only paid for muffins and sticker. bahahaha xp Semoga murah rezeki penaja-penaja goodies sekalian :)

The goodies. I have to thank Lily's Wansu for managing this department so well. 
Majlis Aqiqah

Lily is..obviouly a girl :D So, we slaughtered one sheep for her. We decided to cook gulai instead of grill it as I intended at first. I was advised to do so, so more people would be able to enjoy the meat. Despite of that, the gulai finished only halfway the event because it was so so sedap!
Majlis was started off with doa selamat and selawat while daddy carried Lily around so all atuks and uncles can see Lily more closely. Then mommy took over and bring Lily to all aunties and grandmas.

I only knew that there'll be majlis bertahnik when it was about to happened -_-" alhamdulillah and thank you to Lily's Tokmi for arranging the occasions. If up to mommy...*blur*

Majlis bertahnik Ms Lily Aaira by Ustaz Subki.

The setting
Minimalis cradle for Lily Aaira with fresh lilies..buds >,< only fully bloomed after 2 days -_-" But, loved it anyway. 

Hardly have nice photos of Lily and mommy. trust me, this is one of the nicest >,<

Lily and mommy. Mommy chose white as the theme despite of her weight -_-"

Finally a parents. Pray for us to be the best parents for Lily.

Thousands of photos taken on that day..My brain and surprisingly my beloved macbook air -_-" hang kejap processing all the photos. It took me days and days to finish one simple photobook just cause..sigh.. #needthepropronto
I meant the event to be about Lily and that's how it happened and more. Mommy feels so content. Alhamdulillah...Lily is so blessed to be loved by so many people. Mommy hopes she will grow up and make us and these people proud :)

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