Wednesday, September 7, 2016


First of all, I miss blogging. There are many funny occurrences happened all the time in my daily life. And each times I wished I get to sit down and blog about it. But, the old demon in me (malas) is getting stronger day by day. I don't like how my time have been wasted, so here I am, trying to leave something so I could remember the time before they gone unnoticed.

I shall start with a short story which happened so many times now that Lily is in our lives.

I love baby talks. I think I'm very good at it at the level at it sounded so annoying to the adults.  When doing baby talks we tend to make the words sounded so pelat like comel becomes 'omey' and so on. One of the words I often said to Lily to describe how irresistibly cute she is, is 'bucuk' (comes from the word busuk). 

I know that 'A' is so surprised looking at my new side. That I can baby talk to the level of annoyance. I think he could see that Lily responds to that so well. The thing with 'A' is, he is everything but fatherly. That was before he became a father. Now that he is, I can see that he is trying to copy what I did, like baby talks.

I made it Lily's routine to send her daddy to the door every morning. We tried.
So, one morning when Lily was still so little, 'A' is kissing Lily and keep saying 
I replied, "really?I didn't smell it? what is it?" while trying to smell Lily's butt and the surrounding.
After a minute then only I realized 'A' was trying to baby talk...and it was an epic failed.

Since that day and many occurrences that lead to misunderstanding on my part, he stopped baby talk altogether. And I must say, it is better this way. 

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