Saturday, April 30, 2016

Meet my princess

Born on April the 2nd, 2016 at 11.09 a.m.
We named her Lily Aaira Muhammad Asyraff
#LilyAairaMA #BabyL #LilyA 

Behind the name was so difficult to give name to a person, especially when she is made out of you. After all the pain and tears, of course all you want is everything to be perfect for her. Especially for the name, the calling that will stay with her for the rest of her life! 

I have been hash-tagging her with #BabyL during my pregnancy journey. 'L' stands for Lily. I have been calling her Lily since I can remember. At first we thought that she is going to have only one name, Lily, that's it. But, due to some circumstances, we added the second name at the last minute. A very last minute which was so frustrating for me as I couldn't find a name that I like. After I went through the name suggestions listed by 'A' for the umpteenth times, I found something interesting; Aaira has the same meaning with Asyraff in arabic. It's like the female version for Asyraff, which means noble/ respectful/respected/honorable. 'A' likes the name Aaira because in Japanese it means superior love (Ai=love, ra=superior). Well, he has been listing names that has both Japanese and arabic meaning. It's like it is expected that his children will be raised here. That's how we both agree to give her another name, Aaira. 

Her hospital tag.

Her cot's label.
Rosli chants baby girl
D.O.B. Heisei 28, April, 2nd
Time 11.09am
Age when born 39weeks, 0 days
Weight 3014g
Length 49.5cm

Lily's first day home in her cot :) welcome home my baby :)

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