Thursday, April 28, 2016

When the water broke

April 1st 2016..

It was a fine Friday. 
The weather was at its best, not so cold and yet not so warm, just enough to elaborate the kindness of spring would bring. In addition to that, the long awaited sakura was in the full bloom (mangkai). Unlike last year which witnessed quite a rainy sakura season, this year's mangkai was accompanied a much friendlier weather. Like the rest of the population, I have the same idea in mind, i.e. going for hanami on the next day, which happened to be Saturday. I can't explain more of the strategic time the sakura got mangkai. It was almost sure that everyone of us will be able to experience a nice hanami with our families and loved ones.

So, it happened that on that particular week, I decided to start my maternity leave, although I was really 50-50 about it. On Monday until Wednesday, I was full dressed for work before I decided not to go because dressing up itself drained me of the energy of the day. At the end, I stayed in, in full dress, watching the TV while counting the minutes 'A' is back from work. Meanwhile, 'A' was very happy every time I told him I didn't go to work. He was so worried of the possibilities I will go to labor while at work. That Friday too, I was at home, sleeping most of the morning. Then I filled my time planning for the next day hanami (sakura viewing while having picnic). I was so ready to go all out for hanami this time because of the great weather and just the right amount of sun. I tried on a few dresses while imagining how I wanted to look like in a picture with sakura and me, pregnant. I tweeted about the activities and how happy I was to discover that I still can fit into my XS maxi dresses. But, at the end I decided not to dress in any maxi/gowns at all as that kind of dress will only exaggerated my pregger's body.

After deciding on what I would wear for hanami, I went out to buy some stuff for the picnic. On the way to the supermarket, I took photos of the sakura tree around our housing areas and tweeted it.

I was supposed to enter week 39 on that Saturday. Almost everyone told me I would probably exceeds 40 weeks given that it was my first time giving birth and because of the gender of my baby. Although I didn't want to believe that, but after so many people said it, it had set well in my mind. That's why both of us ('A' and me) was very slow in completing the baby's necessities and that includes the hospital bag. 

While walking, suddenly I felt a gush of water coming down from down there. I convinced myself that I might peed myself again as I did the previous Sunday after sneezing. But this time, I was neither sneezing nor coughing. I stalled when I feel it at first. I continued walking and that time the water came out much more and I was convinced it wasn't from the bladder because I can't seem to able to control it. Then, I turn back trying to walk towards my house and oh my God, the water came out like its nobody's business. I walk as fast as I could (I was so huge, how fast could I go especially with water gushing out from under you like that). I searched for my phone and you know, at times like this our phones usually decided to sink deeper in the bag! arghh.. at that time I attracted dogs who happened to cross my path. 

When finally I reached home, the keys decided to hide themselves and I happened to carry a lady Dior. That bag is so hard to fish out for things because of its firm body (double sigh). The water came out much more as I was standing still fishing for the keys. My pants and socks..soaked. I stepped into the house with trails of amniotic fluid following me. I was panicked and didn't know what to do. I panicked not because of the fact that it's amniotic fluid, but because I don't know how to manage the leaking water. I changed pants and wear an overnight pad, still it got soaked so fast until there's no pants left anymore. So, I was worried what to do if I don't have pants. What to wear to the hospital. 

I called 'A' and he was so panicked although I told him I didn't feel any pain, yet. He arrived home in 10 minutes. Thank God his office is so close to home. While waiting for him, I try to grab all the necessities for the baby. I grabbed everything that crossed my mind, but still it wasn't complete. 

It was 6 o'clock when we left home.

My ride to the hospital -_-"

On the way to the hospital, 'A' called the hospital to tell them about our arrival. The midwife asked me about my condition whether I feel any pain and the color of the amniotic fluid. The admission people has already expecting us with all the documents necessary (it was amazing as it was only 15 minutes journey from home). We were told to go straight to the labor room where a midwife stood there, waiting for us. 

The midwife asked me to pee and immediately checking my opening. It was so difficult for me to do all these procedures because of every moves seems to accelerate the leakage. I think I used up the whole pack of overnight pads at this point. 

So, what was my condition at that time? My opening was still around 2cm (I was at 2cm from week 36). Then we were ushered to the labor room where we were told that we are going to stay until the baby comes out. It was 7 p.m. by then.

*to be continued*

This post is getting longer, so I'm going to break the story into two parts. So, I'm going to stop the story of my April 1st of 2016 here. See you in the next episode where hopefully we are going to see the climax!

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