Friday, March 18, 2016

My home 'interior'

I don't know if you notice..
Men, they never move on from their childhood. Their interest with toys seems to stay despite of the age, unlike us ladies, we move on. We don't play with dolls anymore as soon as we hit teenage years, am I right? The men, even they don't really play, but they seems to have this strong attachment to their toys that they tend to keep it until the things probably degraded due to nature course. haha. 

My 'A' too is like those men I just described above. The fact that they still got excited over hot wheels and attempting to buy the models he could not afford when he was a kid, really did not bother me. I took it as 'A' is a person who had a great childhood given that everything he does can be associated with that time. For example, the time we need to decide on the car's plate number. He was so adamant to register the car as 87. When I ask what is the significance of that number? We weren't born in 87, or have anything to do with number 87. Apparently, 87 is the car's number that he rode to school when he was a kid -_-". I understand his attachment and envy at the abundant of good memories he had. But, I just could not accept the reason for once. It took him a long time to change his mind though -_-" And nope, our car's plate number isn't 87. Maybe for this one. For next, I'm not really sure -_-"

Anyway, he is also a man with a lot of hobbies and interest. Now that we are living in a four season country, made the situation worse. Ask me why?? Of course he would do different things for different seasons. Didn't I tell you that he's so into sports? He didn't just watch sports, ok? He does it! So far all sports except sumo? haha.

We are currently entering the spring. But, a few months ago, these are what my house's interior looked like...

Next to my kitchen counter.
Binder for snowboards. When I asked, "why you need two?" He answered, "in case one rosak". I know la one can rosak, but can he just bought another one when one actually is rosak?:/

The boards. Yep, he got two boards too..for the same reason he got two binders.  Btw, this is the entrance to the toilet. So mencabar to enter toilet for months -_-"

The entrance to our house. You will be greeted by his recreational road-bike (he has another road-bike for everyday use and that is kept outside at the designated bicycle space). Please find the golf club, his snowboard's boots, and inside the umbrella's holder, there's a portable badminton net in a blue bag. yeah..

Well, although my house looks like that the whole winter, I'm glad that he knows how to enjoy life. I always told him to try as many things as possible while you are at it. But, he actually doing it, unlike me who just knows how to utter the words. I'd say he is the example to what we call 'living life to the fullest'. 

Now that he is about to be a daddy, I said 'ok' to every requests for his boy's time. I said yes to his hundreds of snowboard's trips ( #perksoflivinginHiroshima ), futsal, footballs, time-out with his colleagues until late at night, trips to watch live footballs and baseballs, etc. I said 'yes' even though I already booked him much earlier ( #wifemithali ). Our baby will be in full term (37 weeks) in a few days. Till then, I'd give him as much his-time as possible. After that, he needs to be a dad, and the luxury of time he is enjoying now will come again maybe in 20 years. haha. 

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