Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Trimester

It's over already. 

And the sad thing about it is, I forgot most of the things I went through already. 
I finally open my blog (while waiting for 'A' to pick me up because it's too cold outside for me to walk home). I clicked on the previous posts and..I like the feeling. Memories that I'll surely take for granted if I haven't written it down.
Anyway, this post will be written much slowly, as I'm trying to recall all the small, big things I went through when I was in my second trimester.

1. The saying that second trimester is the time for us to enjoy is very true. For yours truly, I felt like myself again on my 12 weeks, 1 day of pregnancy. Yes, the first day of the second trimester, I instantly felt like myself again. I regain my health and energy that I almost forgot how it feels like. I was so grateful. It's exactly like when you wake up, you became someone else. tsk..the power of hormone. But, unfortunately, not all mommies get to enjoy their second trimester well. Many around me were still experiencing pregnancy sickness such as nausea, lethargic, excess vomiting, etc. 

2. First kick was felt when I was at 18 weeks. I was praying, and when I perform rukuk, I felt a strong kick to my diaphragm. It was very strong that I moved a bit. haha..I remember I was waiting for the kick because everyone around me was asking if I could feel it. I was so relieved to finally feel it. 

3. At 18 weeks, the doctor could see the face of my baby and said to me (without hesitation) that the baby will look like the father. And I said (in my mind), that it is still too early. Maybe it will change. 
It does not, people. The baby still is looking like daddy till date :/ Oh, and the gender was discovered at week-18 also. And it doesn't change until today. haha xp. 

4. Apparently, baby will not just looking like daddy, he/she has appetite like daddy also. I've been eating like 'A'. Symptoms of transforming to 'A' started off at the second trimester and getting more pronounced now that I am at my third trimester. For example, ice creams and chips. I don't eat these two. Ice cream? I hardly eat them. When I got married with 'ice-cream ghost' (direct translation for hantu aiskrim), only I familiarize myself with ice-cream. But usually I could only eat one or two spoons, the most. But, this pregnancy changes me. I'm the one who is stocking up ice cream and we had a hard time with sharing. There can't be two 'ice-cream ghost' in a house I guess. But, 'A' might as well prepare for that in a few years!

5. Weight gain wasn't an issue during this time. I hardly gain any. Maybe because I became myself again. My 'original-self' is someone who doesn't eat in a large portion. Instead, I used to eat many times, but in small quantity. I can't say if it is self-taught, but that's who I am. I gained a lot during my first trimester and now that I'm at my third trimester. During the first trimester, the hunger I felt was so out of control. So, I ate a lot of times of nasi berlauk and snacks. I carried so many kinds of snacks in my bags but baby doesn't like snacks. He/she only wants fine dining T_T Now at third trimester, I still feels like myself but the weight gain is so rapid that I have no idea where they came from. can anybody explain this >,<

6. One of the thing I was worried when I got pregnant abroad is food cravings. But, so far, alhamdulillah..I didn't experience any food cravings that are impossible to get. Among the food that I craved for were lychees and fruit cake. I freaked out when suddenly I really wanted lychees. Because lychee is not a common fruits in here. But, luckily canned lychees are usually as good as the fresh ones and my baby (and myself) seems to tolerate it well. So, I think I ate about 10 canned lychees until my cravings satisfied. There's one can left at home and it's been months there. I didn't attract me anymore as the craving isn't there anymore.

7. Wardrobe malfunction started and it was no joke. I can't remember when was the last time I had to shop for attired because of needs. Usually, I shop for attire because of wants or because I like it. But this time, I shop because I had to. For comfort. Especially all the undies and all. Many of my friend survived with their pre-pregnancy undies, which I find it awesome. I looked for maternity undies and pants when I was in my 6th months I think. During that time, my belly wasn't that big that I need maternity pants. But, when I tried them on (despite of how ugly they are when hanged), I felt so relieved at the belly part. So, I just grab a few and practically live inside it till today. Only at 30weeks plus the maternity pants really fits me well though. Before that they were slightly loose but it's okay. As for the top, not much problem except if they have very precise cutting on your body. But, at the second trimester, I don't think you'll have any problem fitting in. Now at 36 weeks, I finally found myself needing to put a lot of effort to fit in into my tops except the loose ones. So, I guess saber jela for a few more weeks wearing the same loose tops I have in my wardrobe. And of course, juba and abayas would be the best to save the day. Unfortunately, it is cold now, thus pants and tops.

8. Pregnancy brain. I think I experienced pregnancy brain at the slightest maybe. I think this progesterone made me lost for words so many times. The frequency is too much even I noticed it. Well, it's maybe just me getting old though.

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