Monday, November 9, 2015

False alarm

I used to love the Big Bang Theory TV series. But, my like towards the show slowly faded at season 6 until now I'm not sure how many season there are anymore. Starting at season 7, it was very hard for me to really laugh at their trying-too-hard jokes. But, episodes from season 1 to 5 are still on re-run on my iPad whenever I feel like laughing. hehe.

Just last week, I experienced something new which  I wasn't sure whether it was caused by pregnancy. The day was Tuesday. While I was getting ready to go to work, I did my usual stuff like going to the toilet first to do all the businesses necessary before I enter the bathroom. As I seated with a Running Man episode played on my iPad, I feel pain at my abdomen which I wasn't sure whether it came from the stomach or the uterus part. I thought that was just a terrible case of 'gas stuck in my gut. But, the pain got more excruciating as I was trying to calm myself. A few minutes later, I feel like vomiting. The pain made it difficult for me to move. I started to talk to the baby, I hope it wasn't related to him/her or any condition that might affect him/her.

Anyway, I crawled my way to the bed and look for phone. I was so close to call an ambulance. I dialed 'A's number which I rarely do. I always avoided to disturb him at work. But he didn't read messages, so I had to ring him this time. Luckily he picked up, and I told him 'I have pain at my belly and I'm worried that it might be the baby'. I even consider appendicitis but was too in pain to really read about it further. At first 'A' was skeptical because he thought I might just have stomach pain because I tend to eat various things in the morning since the pregnancy. lol xp. But, when I mentioned the baby, he got paranoid and reached home about one hour later. 

I fell asleep while waiting for him to arrive. I woke up when I heard someone opened the door. When I saw 'A', suddenly the pain was not there anymore and I was feeling very healthy, healthier than 1 hour ago. ahaha xp But too late, 'A' has arranged appointment with the doctor and not intend to cancel it. I understand how difficult it is to push an emergency case at the gynea. I just went ahead with the appointment and of course baby and mummy are healthy. Alhamdulillah.. The doctor must feel annoyed entertaining the two paranoid parents.

This story is just a bad example of a person who knows too much, thinks too much and a bad gassy reaction. Now I understand how Sheldon feels...

I must have definitely eaten something too gassy. Sorry guys, this gassy occurrences are too new to me. I wasn't a gassy person pre-pregnancy. But, anything for you dear my baby :)

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