Friday, November 6, 2015

Announcing pregnancy

Actually, I don't plan to 'announce' my pregnancy. 
For me the season for me to join the excited mummy club has passed.  
Most my friends I think has passed that stage. You know, the stage where pregnancy is a big deal.
It's true in a way. The tone down feeling does not just come because everybody has passed it, but age may also be the factor. Coming from me alone, I wasn't that ecstatic that I want to shout it to the world that I'm pregnant like I have seen for years among my friends and keep wondering when will be my turn? I was instead, extremely thankful and filled with all the worries, you couldn't imagine. So, my acceptance towards my pregnancy news is more to relieved than ecstatic (or too ecstatic that I felt numb?). 

To me, at an advance age like this friends has shifted to other excitement, that is sending their kids to school. So, everybody is more interested at that rather than announcement that someone just got pregnant. Not a hot news anymore. haha. But, it's ok. I'm not one who succumbs into social pressure. People are gifted with different rizq at different time.

Anyway, I was thinking to just update my Facebook and instagram like usual without creating suspicion. I keep telling myself, I'm nobody so, it's not a big deal that I announce or not. I managed to do that...for 2 months only. sigh...

It's all started with my sharing of an article entitled 'Pregnancy in Japan'. This article is just a simple write up on the differences of pregnancy in Japan and other countries, at the surface. That's all. Just a few seconds after, that shared post got a lot of likes and followed by congratulatory wishes, private and non-private. Sigh...
I couldn't imagine my feeling if I wasn't even pregnant and my sharing is just for the sake of sharing. How would I feel? Lucky for them, I'm actually really pregnant. As soon I realized what's going on, I changed the view setting to close friends only. That helped stop the spreading for a while. 

Then at night my husband was telling me that something weird has happened. His phone was loaded with congratulatory wishes. Bahaha xp. So, this has also affected him (he rarely checked Facebook. Mine or his). So, I told him what happened and of course the blame is on me.  

Next day, I try to rectify the situation by posting a status that I considered ambiguous (to xp). And situation did not get any better. That has only make people even more suspicious and the congratulatory wishes pour in much more than the day before. 

But, when I look at the messages it made me realized, these people actually made du'a for me and the baby:')Alhamdulillah..
I don't know what is the big deal for me to hide it. I hope all of their du'a is granted and returned to them back.
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  1. Congratulation to you! wish all the best for you and the baby. take care. :)



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