Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 31st 2015

While others were busy celebrating halloween (the one festivity with vague purpose), I'm busy replying all the warm wishes that came into may way through various channels.

It was my birthday :)

Busy replying all the whatsapp messages. Until today I still hasn't replied the birthday messages in FB. Sigh.. I hope they know that I read them and they do made my day. It may not be a big thing for some of you, but hey, they made time to wish us!

Because the birthday girl loves breakfast, so it's just right to give her a nice breakfast at the place that serves her favorite yuzu tea :) 

The cafe is located next to this scene :) the weather was great, the people that greeted me was very kind and lively. It was such a perfect beginning of October 31st :) 
Ok, I lied. My birthday was celebrated much earlier than this. As the clock struck 12!

'A' presented me the birthday (cup)cake while hiding his face (and the cake) behind the door. He was too ashamed of his cake. I had to fight him to get a closer look at the cake. At the end he fell asleep while trying to hold me down so that I wouldn't get close to the 'cake'. So, that's when I snap this photo :D
He is a bad cook, so, of course he will have no idea how cake is made. ahaha xp. But, I'm ok. I love chiffon cake anyway:) The thought that counts!
So, most of the night I was busy chatting away with my friends who made time to wish me the best of birthday ahead. 

Can't thank you enough for your wishes and of course your du'a is one of the priceless birthday gift to me. May Allah bless.

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