Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pregnancy in Japan-the early phase

I have to pen down this one. I believe, this will be the experience of a lifetime :) 
And I should write it before I forgot everything.

After the UPT test, we tried not to bring the issue out all the time. It's like both of us keep it low even among ourselves. 'A' especially was very calm in receiving the news, unlike what we always see in the TV. I think he tried to not be too happy in front of me, so that I won't feel the pressure. You know, the pressure for the fact that he has been longing to be a daddy for so long but won't talk about it. 

I started doing some reading here and there. My sources are my friends who have been through the experience and wrote it somewhere (blog, Facebook, etc). Different people experienced it differently. Some only go to the doctor only when they have reached 8 to 10 weeks. It's either because of policy or it's just them. So, I thought, I would probably go at week 8 then.

Then, I was so rajin google about pregnancy in Japan. The steps I have to take as soon as I have my UPT positive. Apparently, in Japan you need to go to the doctor as soon as you get positive UPT. In here, it is very important to have prenatal care as early as possible. I showed that article to 'A' and he paranoid like always (when it comes about me), tried to search for a good gynea (can speak english and easy access. It is a plus if it's a woman). 

I was at week 3 when we had our first appointment. The doctor did the ultrasound to validate the UPT test and immediately we could see the gestational sac :) It was the moment of truth and 'A' is more convinced and was showing more emotion than before. While I, was over the moon. I forgot every questions I wanted to ask the doctor. Everything was forgotten. It was a very nice timing as the next day we were schedule for flight back to KL to celebrate Syawal, the remaining of it as it was the last week of Syawal. So, we managed to share the news with our close family members.

I just want a nice small album to keep the ultrasound photo. But, 'A' had a better idea. He said he had eyed this maternity album for so long. I didn't know they even make this. It's so cute inside!

The doctor asked us to come again at 8 weeks to check for the heartbeat. 

At week 8, we went for another check-up. I was even more relieved to know that our baby survived and I saw the beating of his/her heart from the ultrasound. This check confirmed my pregnancy and the doctor asked us to report my pregnancy to the city hall.

At the city hall, we were called into a counseling room where she asked me about myself and how do I feel of this pregnancy. Do I feel sad or happy, etc. Following that, she briefly explain to us what we have to do each months, the classes I need to follow, the vouchers I need to use, a lot more! I couldn't digest all. Too many informations! At the end, we were given a bag of books and pamphlets to study. Sigh..I was still at my first trimester then, I was tired all the time, so I'd say my acceptance to the information was only about 5%. So now, I just asked around the previous mummies of what to do. 'A' is just too busy studying baby gadgets >,<

Books and pamphlets for mummy and daddy to study. There are bag's tag for mummy so people would know that I'm pregnant. Also a number of vouchers to be used for mummy and baby until the baby is 1 year old. So, during the pregnancy and 1 year post-pregnancy, all the compulsory check up will be covered by the government.
That's it so far, I will update more on the milestones slowly of my journey. 

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