Friday, October 30, 2015


Have you read the book WTF 23 properties by 30, by Mr. Faizul Ridzuan?
I like to read, but my choice of book is so complicated. So, when my SIL told me about the book, I instantly became interested. She told me about small tricks that's applicable by practically everyone. I was amused!So, I borrowed the book from her, and decided to finish reading it on the plane home to Japan.I plan to make 'A' read it too as he is now into property, but having totally zero knowledge about it. I think the book will be a good start. Also, he has been telling me that he wanted to start reading. I think he never read a book except our holy book.

Anyway, after finished reading the book, I was impressed by the author's achievements. Of course la kan. For me, to get into his level does not just involve a lot of research and brains, but also a lot of sacrifices. Good thing for Mr Faizul, he is focus and has only one thing in mind, i.e property.
Basically, the formula that he adopted is, use the money you have to make more money. Like when finally have RM50k, you can't use the money to buy whatever you have in mind, but instead you roll the money to get another 50k. For him is buying properties. But for many others could be gold, fashion, etc. I guess you get the drill. But for many of us, we like to buy for satisfaction. It will be unfortunate if the satisfaction factor involved things that degrade in price, like cars and...handbags!

It's been months, but 'A' still hasn't open the book. But I think he already know what's in it, because when I read, I will cite everything that I found interesting, that is most of the pages. lol xp. So, it is okay if he doesn't read it first hand. 

Also, it's been years 'A' contemplating to buy car for him to bring back to Malaysia. You know each of us is given an AP to bring back a car. So, we must use this once in a lifetime AP to a good use. Must buy the nicest car (i.e. economical) and oh boy, it's so hard to decide. What's hard about it you ask? The Japan's prices are very affordable. That's why many of us buy car using cash. Rarely you heard people buy car using loans. The dilemma came when dealing with Malaysia's custom tax later. It could reach 200% worth of tax if we buy the most recent car. But, it was so stressful to see these new cars with such an affordable price but had to forget about it when thinking about how awful the tax later. Could be higher than the car's price! 

'A' is very passionate about cars. That could be the main factor for him to be an engineer in that department. He has been stressing about what car to buy to bring back home. If can, we want to reduce the number of potential loans we might need to have when we settle in Malaysia. Now, we only have house loan, and that already made us uncomfortable. I can't imagine people having house loans, car loans, etc. But, I know, it is how many of us live. 

Anyway, I've been telling 'A' not to use all the saving he has for one car. Then I cite the book (WTF) about using the money we have, into making more money. Spending most of the saving for one car, to me, doesn't sounds like the correct move. Now, I understand why people take loans for a car. haha. So, they won't need to use all the cash they have. So, the cash they have can be used to make more cash. Hmm, now I'm not sure anymore which one is better. I wish I could forget that loans are debt. If I can do that, maybe I can adopt the same formula as the book. But it's business kan, must have its risk.

I keep reminding 'A' about the tips in WTF book, and choose cheaper car (which is of course not so economical and will be a waste of AP). He always disagrees and said "I can't follow him, because he doesn't like cars". 

Err...yes, the author doesn't like car. 
So, different people have different priorities huh!

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