Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My biggest, most expensive anniversary present ever.

It was the morning of our 5th anniversary. My period was supposed to due two days ago. But, I figured, maybe because I was a little bit stress with workloads that my period came a little bit later. I thought maybe I'll get it by today or tomorrow. But then I thought I had this brown stain two days ago. It was day 12 of my post-ovulation day (I tracked my ovulation day). Having period on day 12 is normal by the way. My period has always started off with brown stain. Sort of give me a head start of what's coming tomorrow, which I love about myself. So, I have the time to check whether do I have enough pads, etc. But, after 24 hours, there was no following stain or cramps whatsoever. I was feeling 50-50 between worried and hopeful. Would it be implantation bleeding or it's just my period got stuck in there. lol xp. I am 30, so, I know not to put my hope too high. I don't like to deal with frustrations.

So, on the day of our 5th anniversary, 2 days has passed since the first appearance of the brown stain. That morning when I wake up, we wished each other happy anniversary and I'm off to the toilet. My heart says to pee on the stick as it will be my first pee of the day. I had the stick for so long I couldn't remember. I swear to myself only to use it when something has become unusual. But, part of me said what happened to me was not something unusual. Period would come on day 14-18 after ovulation. So, I was just at day 16. However the thought that I haven't bought anything for 'A' yet, decides everything. haha. So, I peed on the stick and the two lines appeared almost instantly. I quickly check the expiration date of the UPT stick. It's still good in fact it has almost a year more until it expired. So, my gut feeling was correct after all, but I keep wanting not to believe it.

I bring the stick to my husband who is still on the bed. It was weekend. I asked him for my present and he showed me my car he bought a few months ago. Lol xp. Fine, fair enough. That was his present to me, that's huge, I know. And he looked at my small box with nil excitement, ready to belittle my effort every single time -_-" When he saw the content, I expect him to jump of extreme happiness but he just sat there and stare at the content (stick). He asked me, 

"How to read this thing?" 
"are you sure two lines means positive?" forgetting the fact that his wife is a scientist.
"Are you sure the line is supposed to be red?"
"this stick got peed? ewww!!!" -the peed part was well capped.


aaaaa....what a spoiler. I forgot his knowledge in biology is at level darjah 3 -_-" sigh..

So I patiently took time to explain to him how the stick works. He was skeptical and google about it then only he smiled the brightest I have ever seen ever since the solemnization. hahahaha xp. But, that was only maybe after 3 hours of internet research about upt. He came to the kitchen while I was preparing his breakfast with the huge grin on his face when us, the entire house has over with it. geez... 

For the first time ever, I win "the best anniversary present giver" in 5 years of marriage and countless of years of courtship. hehe.. 

I never felt so alive, I put his present to shame!


  1. Omedetou & happy anniversary to both of u.
    I'm so happy to heard that news😉
    Can't wait for akachan soon
    Take care



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