Thursday, October 22, 2015

'A' is 31

'A' has turned 31 last weekend.
And I'm so glad that he's finally gonna be a father (inshaAllah). 
Sometimes I feel sorry for him when he hang out with his gang with only he with no kids. 
Although I know he was okay, we are okay, but kids surely made us happier, right?

So again, I was facing with the same problem, what to get him for his birthday????
It's not so often I get him anything. Er no, I think I rarely get him anything using my own money. heh! So, on his birthday I make it a mission to get him something good, something really special.
Of course at times, I would tell him this one problem of mine which never seemed to get solved. 
What to get him for a present? So far, I failed miserably.  These few years, he really being honest by telling me what he wanted and I know he wasn't kidding because I knew he was eyeing for them. The things are like a Mercedes GLA (or at least a C-class), a markII camera (he even offered to pay half of it), a Panerai (he said at least an Omega), or Rolex (he even accepted the preloved ones). So, if you are me, would you even consider them? Me? Not a chance. Anyway, why is men's toy is getting expensive by age? geez..

Anyway, he can keep on dreaming I would really buy those for him, or even consider any of it!

Since we are abroad with scarce number of Malaysians, we have only each other. I made it a mission to make his special day, a special one! I know I couldn't do much, but at least I made him know that someone in this world really adores him. That he has affected this particular person in many ways. If he couldn't realized that he's made this world a better place, I want him to know that at least he has changed the world of this one person to the better. 

It sounds like I threw him a headline's worthy party, isn't it?

No, I just make sure that I made him a cake and buy him present. A present that would signify he's turning 31, also at the same time letting him know that I love him and that he deserved something good for himself, at least on his birthday :)

I like it that people wish me as early as possible on my birthday. So, of course I would do that for him! When the clock struck 12, I took out the cake that I made in front of him (it's a Japanese house, how could you not see what each other's doing all the time), and lighted the candle. The thing was, he's already fast asleep at that time. And oh boy, it was so difficult to make him get up and blow the candles T_T

I made a red velvet cake. Of course because it is one of the easiest and sexiest cake there is. haha.
Oh, look at all the melted candles. By the time he wake up, tinggal lidi je T__T 
 When asked what's the special food he wanted on his birthday? 
The answer was..chicken nuggets. So, he had chicken nuggets all day.

Brought him to dinner by the river :) We didn't order much because his tummy was still full with chicken nuggets. What a waste of seats, the waitress must have thought. 

Happy birthday, dear my greatest blessing!

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