Friday, October 2, 2015

HongKong: Must Go Disneyland

I'm past 30 and I have lost hope towards Disneyland. Whenever I go, the possibility to experience more than 5 rides is like mission impossible T_T. So, we were 50-50 about going to the Disneyland, or is it just me? Because the first thing 'A' bought when landed at the Hong Kong airport was Disneyland ticket. We didn't even have Hong Kong money with us that time but he was so determined that he withdrew some from the ATM using credit card..just for the Disneyland -_-"

Oh, before I forgot to tell you, if you plan to go to the Disneyland, it is advisable to buy it from the travel agent at the airport as you will get cheaper price and un-fixed date. So, you can go on whichever date convenient which the weather allowed.

I was so glad that I got my health back on the second day we were in Hong Kong. Syukur tak terkata.
So, the night before we decided to go for Disneyland the next morning! The good thing about Hong Kong is that the country is small, so traveling to one point to another does not take hours even the Disneyland is located at different island. 

As far as I remember, for Disneyland Tokyo, we had to come very early in the morning at least 7.30 in the line for tickets. Then the park is opened at 8-8.30am. It was that early. But, for Hong Kong, it opens at 10.30am. We were a little surprised looking at the opening hour. So, in the morning, I managed to cook nasi lemak for breakfast and only left the hotel at 9. It was such a relaxing Disneyland trip ever! 

The trip to the Disneyland was very easy and relaxing given that at that time people has already in their office. Another surprised for us was when we took the Disneyland train and there was very few number of people were on board with us. We can practically lie down on the seats like a boss! We arrived at the Disneyland at around 10am. The train station and the entrance was just about 10m from each other unlike in Tokyo where you need to walk about 15-20minutes to get to the entrance from the train exit. Anyway, since we arrived very early and we already had the tickets, we took time to pose for some pictures and take a look around.

Inside the Disneyland train. few people. That made us so curious..what's up with the Disneyland -_-"

This is the first ride you'll see when you enter the HK Disneyland. If you are a Disneyland frequent, your jaw will literally dropped onto the floor, too shock for seeing a scene like this. Only two people are queueing for the Space Mountain -_-" aaaa... so, 'A' went straight in and after 10 minutes finished one ride. I was like 'apa's still early!' -_-" Actually 'A' was rushing here to get his fast pass. But, as we look around, I don't think the fast pass machine is even exist in here -_-"

I think this is the most dangerous ride in HK Disneyland. Of course only like 5 people were queueing and therefore 'A' had this for a few times while I snacked at one of their empty cafe. Oh, and he rode it until I managed to get a perfect shot of him riding in this -_-" If in Tokyo, I don't think he can even dream of getting the fast pass.

It's very hard to miss the parade. The compound is kind of smaller than Tokyo's. So, even you are not following the schedule, it is so unlikely for you to miss it, unless on purpose. And anyway, at other Disneyland before, we could only mostly enjoy the parade as it took at least an hour to get on one ride. So, we weren't so into the parades. 

While we were walking around the cinderella castle which is quite disappointing for me (they didn't do it as nice as Tokyo's. It looks like murals put together. They can't fool me.), a lady stopped us and hand us a pass. we were like 'what pass is this?'. We kept it anyway and use it if it happens we walked by the castle again at the designated time. Turned out, we did walked by and we saw..tada!! Elsa and Anna. haha.. You can greet them if only you have the pass. I had it and among the first to arrive. yey!

We have tonnes of photos at the Disneyland. But this one meant a lot. It's been a long time since we curious about Winnie the pooh ride. Whenever we were in Disneyland before, the waiting time would be 2 hours most of the time. Aaaa...we were not that crazy to wait for that long. But in HK, no waiting time. We enter and straight ahead ride. OMG!!it was so entertaining. It was for suitable for children but we felt the satisfaction as the mystery was solved!
Halal food

You guys, this is a very good news for us muslim! In Disneyland HK, they served quite a variety of halal food. OMG!! We don't know what to order although the food are asian cuisine. lol xp.  But, since I always love hainanese chicken rice, I chose this! It was 5 star! Sedap sangat!!

Vietnamese rice noodle for 'A'. You know why he chose this? Coz he said he could foresee that I'd love this more than the chicken rice. I just ignored him and had my eyes on the chicken rice all the time until....he convinced me to try a spoon of the soup. After that, I was in charged of the noodle until the last drop. lol xp. Isn't it annoying that our husbands are always right..about us?? geez... 
After our hearty meal, we continue to walk and stop at every ride. Every ride I tell you because no need to queue. Also, the nicest thing about HK Disneyland is the ride is bilingual; english and chinese. So, I enjoyed it very much. Also, I really felt like the Disneyland was book for my private visit. For roller coaster-like ride, 'A' would test first and later reported to me whether it is 'wani-fit'. You see how empty it was -_-". So, if he feels okay for me to ride, he will ride together with me again. So Kardashian kan I ols?

Besides rides, there are scheduled show too. This time we went to the most show there are. Seriously, we didn't waste a minute. Anything that came on our way, we went for it! My favorite show of all was the Mickey Mouse show:) and ride that was not really a ride is the talk with Stitch. So funny that alien. I wish he picked on of us because most of the people he chose could not understand english. We sat at the most front and I only hear us laughing. lol xp. We didn't take so much photos as the scenery was not very nice. But it's okay cause we didn't have time anyway trying one ride to another.

Praying room

Oh, I took chances by asking the customer service if they have praying room. They don't have it, but they let us use VIP room. teehee..So, do not afraid to ask.

I couldn't believe such a Disneyland exist. And we saw a coming soon section, there'll be Stark Expo opening in 2016. The more reason to come back! If I ever crave for Disneyland, I would have no doubt but to go for HK! Worth all the penny!

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