Thursday, October 8, 2015

HongKong: Halal Food

I love Chinese food, especially the dimsums and dumplings family. 
We have gyoza (Japanese dumplings) here in Japan, but so far, all are not halal as pork is their main ingredients.
So, whenever I passed the gyoza section in here, I would just shoo the crave away, not!
Recently I keep making gyoza by my own. It will be much easier if I can find the halal gyoza skin, but I still failed to find one around here. But I heard, they are a lot of selections too and I need to keep looking.But, I am not a person who would just sit and wait. So, the right thing to do is..make gyoza from scratch! I'll share with you the recipe later on.

Now, I'll need to teach you where to find the real dumplings in Hong Kong and halal one of course.
From our almost non-existent itinerary, we have two days of city tour which is..more than enough. Hong Kong is really small. So, in those two days, we selected two halal chinese restaurants to try. They are quite a list of halal restaurants you can find when in google or just by walking in the city. They are plenty of Indian and Middle East restaurants alike. Unfortunately, 'A' and me are not the fan of those so much. I can't remember when was the last time we had naan in here. heh.

First stop is Ma's restaurant which is located near the Prince Edward station. In our record, it says that this restaurant was located at the Tsim Sha Tsui, very near to our hotel, hence the postpone. On the day we plan to finally do the food tour, we head there when we were already at the state of extreme hunger, thinking so that we can stuff our face with all the food. When we arrived in front of the building we were greeted with relocation notice -__-" But, we weren't all that worry because it is Hong Kong, in 15 minutes we'll get there. yey!

In front of Ma's restaurant. Very spacious and there were a lot of people when we were there. So many menus you can try, all chinese cuisine with Halal certificate hanged on the wall. But our heads were set for dumplings. We ordered all dumplings in the menu. We thought, "oh, we'll have dumplings as starter. You know, just dumplings, it's like a snack only." We were so wrong -_-" and the best part is, it's so cheap! 

Lamb dumplings.

Chicken steam dumplings.

Chicken soup dumplings.
The rest? We ate only these then we were very full -_-" ahaha..yea, we are not just the right people for food travel.

Now is time for the highlight of my entry. If you wanted the best dumplings ever ever ever and halal (of course) you must go to this place- Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Centre's canteen!

Actually this place was on the top of my list to go in HK. But, 'A' who is not a fan of doing things twice didn't agree at first for us to try another dumplings. Even after I kept showing him the CNN reports that says this place is a must go to try the best dumplings (for all, not just for muslims), he still feeling skeptical. Lucky for me, on the last day, we had some extra time, we travelled a little bit further from our hotel to go this place. 'A' chose Ma's restaurant for our dumplings experience as it was located in the middle of the city, it is near to the main attractions so that would allow us to go to many places in a day. But, on the last day, he followed my wish finally!

In front of the masjid. It was quite far away from the station. If you google, it is recommended to take a bus there. But, I think no need. It's just about 15 minutes walk which is good so you can immerse yourself among the locals and stop at their shops to buy souvenirs. hehe. Oh, and we didn't have the map to here. We just follow our gut until we saw a pair of middle eastern walked by. 'A' asked him for directions and alhamdulillah we were just nearby :) So, my advice is, bring map with you.heh.

Our first trip of dumplings. OMG..serious guys, the best dumplings ever. 'A' who was not interested at first, ordered a bunch for for take away. 

How to order. So cheap, huh. yey!! Oh, this canteen only serves dumplings alike. There are a lot more selections than Ma's restaurant. Even the Ma's owner recommended us to come here. lol xp.

So, if you have time, please try both places. Ma's restaurant is maybe more suitable for other kind of chinese cuisine like the rice, noodles and all, but for dumplings it is best for you to go the the Islamic Centre. I couldn't imagine what I'd missed shall I skip the visit to the Islamic Center -_-" 

If you like middle eastern's and Indian cuisine, you shall not worry. So plenty, you wouldn't believe you eyes. lol xp.


  1. Islamic canteen memang terbaik. Infact the only chinese food that my OH approved! He don't fancy chinese food that much. The last time i stayed Cosmopolitan Hotel which is just 300m from the mosque...That was the first time i tasted dumpling in my life and i love it!

    1. Yea,because your recommendation la I pegi.Thank you.the reason to come back to HK again!



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