Friday, October 16, 2015

The early signs

Here's my early signs of pregnancy. You and me, we might have experienced different symptoms.

i. Tender breast.
Unfortunately, this is also the sign that I'm about to get  my period. But, if at day 18 of post-ovulation you still experience tender breast or the tenderness is more than you used to have, you might be pregnant. I read, change of areola's color also indicate pregnancy. But, I didn't experienced that, hence tender breast alone is not helping for me.

ii. Cramps.
I usually have cramps when the period due is approaching. But, the period cramp feels different, it feels like something is making its way down. The cramp I felt in early pregnancy is more like in situ (locally), the pain that moves horizontally. It's not something about to leave your womb. It's very hard to explain, but it's different. 
I felt it was different, but I didn't think that was the early sign of pregnancy that my baby is trying to attach his/herself on my womb. Oh I think the pregnancy cramp is a little bit more intense than the period cramp. When I got the cramps, I had to stop doing whatever I was doing at that time and deal with the cramp. 

iii. Lethargic.
I thought the lethargic has became me. Apparently it's just my body adjusting. haha. The tiredness is so annoying until you found out that it's the pregnancy.

iv. Implantation bleeding.
Among many early signs of pregnancy I keep track as one of those who is ttc (trying to conceive), implantation is one that I disregard. Because only a small percentage of woman get this. And from my experience, I am not that lucky to be given an easy clue like that. lol xp.
And yes, I got the implantation bleeding which I mistook for period stain. lol xp. It was different from period stain btw, it is darker and very slight that if you wear a black or dark-colored panty you might not be able to see it. haha. Yes, always wear panty liner girls.


  1. hello wani.. glad to be able to read your writing your silent reader yeh i do have i,ii, ii in my previous pregnancy .. yes the breast tenderness is very severe.i met i think almost every patient with early pregnancy with that womb pain.I do experienced the lethargic! you feel that you are going to faint..but you don't have the nausea moment right. then it might be a boy haha.

  2. Hi syaima! aww..thank you for stopping by and reading my broken english.haha.
    btw, i have the feeling of nauseous during the first trimester but never vomit even once. many people said that already.I don't mind any gender as long as he/she is healthy. keep making dua for us ya.and take care over there!please drop by more often and share some good advices, dr!



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