Thursday, October 1, 2015

HongKong: The Peak

There are so many attractions in HK that actually 5 nights are enough. But, we are not that ambitious la. We just chill and do whatever in the day. No planning ahead. We just enjoy walking around and see whatever that comes in our way. 

Victoria's peak (The Peak)

You know that Hong Kong was once colonized by British? So, you will see that name of roads are so english. And that's probably why many of them can speak english unlike when I was in Taiwan, the likelihood to find one that can understand us was like 1/20 people. But still not bad. 
So, in the afternoon of our first day after a horrible morning (tell you the story later), we found ourselves with nothing to do. So, after I took my medication and alhamdulillah I was instantly cured after a few hours rest in the comfort of The Best Western, we decided to visit the Victoria's peak. We had no idea what was that. We just thought let's go! It was around 4pm when we reach the nearest train station to the peak. For the trip up to the peak, we decided to take the bus. The was so scary but worth it. The feeling was like when you successfully rode on the crazy roller coaster without peed yourself up there. Exactly like that. 

We took the bus from the Ferry Piers in the Central. The journey took about 40 minutes, but the nice part was we can see the views of Hong Kong from the ground and going up to the hilly side of Hong Kong where the rich lives. Hehe.. And I tell you the way up was so steep it and windy. Really windy, like all the junctions were very sharp and the roads up are narrow >,< The fact that we sat at the top level of the bus (the bus was a two-storey), just made it more chilling. But the kind of a good chill. 

The two-storey bus. The bus was on schedule.

To finally arrived at The Peak after many time of uhhh...ohhh by us the passengers. Not the type of good uhhh...ohh.. >,<

View on the way up. We can see a lot of elite condos.

We have arrived! Even at the top of the mountain like this ada shopping mall. Not just ordinary stuff, there's even boutique like Furla, Coach, etc.  Behind me, that's the observatory. You need to buy tickets to enter the observatory. But, it wasn't expensive and worth a visit.

We arrived at almost dawn and the view is like this. It was quite hazy in Hong Kong during our visit. 

View from the other side of the observatory. Greenier side of Hong Kong.

While we hang out on the observatory with my coffee experiment, suddenly there was a huge crowd starting to come. Then only we got it! The best view is at night. Luckily we didn't left our spot. As soon as the night crawled in, this view came to life. It was so pretty! Photos couldn't do any justice. It's like everyone is clicking for hundreds of times but still we couldn't feel satisfied.

As we turned our head, omg the crowd. tsk...we were lucky because we arrived at dawn :)

Leaving the Peak, we chose to ride the tram. There were so many people left around the same time with us, so the queue was crazy. However, it was very efficient, we didn't feel it was troublesome. The journey with the tram took about maybe 20-30 minutes. For this one, we felt like being thrown down the hill. The tram descended at 45 degree and you will see the building around appeared slanted. We tried to take photos but to no avail. Despite of that, it was less scary because it's like we know the tram will stick to the track, unlike the bus >,<

Finally arrived at the tram station :) It's time to haunt for dinner!

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