Saturday, October 3, 2015

Better October

A few day has passed since Hamada san turned 30 (or 31 I forgot). So, as I walked together with her, I asked her, "what do you get for your birthday? "
She said, for Japanese, when you enter 30 (or 31-again I don't remember), one of your family member must buy you a piece of jewellery to sort of push the bad luck away. They believed that when you turn 30 (or 31), your luck will be at the lowest and if you are not being careful, everything in your life will fall down the pit. 

Of course I do not believe that although my days of turning 30 was such a tragic (read here). But I am so very grateful despite of the small misfortunes that have befell me. I heard so many more life changing stories that happened to people around me, not necessarily because they are turning 30.
So, last October my Japanese friend understood my condition based on what they believed. But, I don't la. It is haram to think of our misfortunes that way. As a muslim, I accepted that as a test and I was so grateful it was not something very serious, but enough to remind me of death. Alhamdulillah Allah s.w.t still grants me hidayah although I am not one pious servant. 

Anyway, it's October again. And it has been so wonderful, alhamdulillah. I am so amazed that my life has changed the way I wanted it for so long ago. Alhamdulillah..It's true that He will grant our wish at the right time. For those who are still waiting for your du'a to be answered, do not lose hope, do not stop making du'a. 

There are so many people I cherish was born in this month. It started off with my mother in law. My marriage to 'A' does not just granted me with a wonderful life companion, but another wonderful mother that I am lucky enough to have a fair share of her love. 

Happy birthday Ummi!
Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang berpanjangan. 

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