Thursday, October 15, 2015

A dream I had

At the end of last year, I came back to KL alone, while 'A' came to see me a few days afterwards.
That time, I took the opportunity to catch up with friends, family members that I haven't seen for a long time. Texting is not the same with sitting down, talking with each other, guys. I'm still value presence better than phone communication.

Anyway, I was so depressed that time, just because of bad traffic. I haven't had stuck in traffic jams for a very long time, that is, since I live in Japan. So, maybe the pressure that I felt when stuck in traffic jam means nothing to you. I tried to use Waze and google map, but to no avail because unfortunately the roads that I got lost in have changed and it wasn't updated in both applications. After I think 20x making rounds and rounds, I stop my car at the emergency lane and burst to tears. I can't believe I cried for the smallest thing, when I hardly cries for anything. So basically, all the days that I had to drive around by myself, my face will be so scary even I myself refused to stare in the mirror. haha.

On this one Sunday, I promised my very best friend a breakfast date. I think she was worried about me because I called her when I was in the middle of nowhere crying because KL traffic is suck. So, she was probably thinking that I might cancel the plan. But, I went ahead anyway because I figure maybe this much awaited breakfast date would change my mood.

I arrived at her house at 8am. When in Malaysia, I love mornings. So, breakfast date is always something I prefer for a girlfriends meeting. We hugged and she asked me whether I was okay. Of course my tear is about to burst when she asked that. Not because of the traffic, but because someone is actually care even the things that bothers me is..traffic jam. 

Anyway, we had a nice moment over breakfast. The food was so-so. But, it's the moment that I cherish. With her, I managed to talk my heart out. Telling things that I can't share with family members or people other than myself. It's good we have someone we can trust, someone that's willing to spare her time just to listen to your problem. Alhamdulillah that I have her for that. 

Unfortunately, we also shared the same life struggle. A struggle that we can't do much about it except making a lot du'a and have a lot of patience. This one problem, maybe only those who is having it can understands it. Lucky for us, we already are best friends for years, and have each other to go through this. 

On the way home from our breakfast date, I told her, "I wish that we can get pregnant around the same time. If that happened, I'd be the happiest person on earth!" "Can you imagine....bla bla..."
She just smiled the brightest like she always has and we nod to each other thinking the odd that could happen.

And just a few days ago (I was at 14weeks), she contacted me and told me that she is also expecting! and the best part is our estimated delivery date (EDD) will be in the same month!

It's not always the thing I randomly said came through. This event just proved to me, what you said could be du'a. In this case, I really really grateful to HIM that HE listened and granted us the miracles that we have been waiting for. 

I wish us all the best in raising our little miracle!

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