Saturday, October 10, 2015

HongKong- The symphony of lights

Heard about this so many times and wondering why it topped the chart of HK attractions.
We lived nearby the Tsim Sha Tsui area where the Avenue of Stars is located. Avenue of stars is like the Hollywood walk of fame, where you can find names of famous HK actors are engraved along the walkaway. It is interesting for me as I grew up watching a lot of HK movies rented by my brother. Especially those movies with Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan. 

The symphony of lights is a free attraction for all. It takes place along the Avenue of Stars and basically what you have to do is go there before 8pm, get a nice spot for you and your camera and wait. From the Avenue of Stars, you can see rows modern design building lining up along the shore. All these buildings will give out their colorful lights, it's so bright and beautiful. Then, at 8pm, the music will be played with announcer at the back. The moving lights was only the green laser that dances with the music. So, basically, you don't need to fight for the best seat if it happened that your view is blocked during the peak time, because it was nothing much. You can get the same exact view after the performance finished and you can snap away however you like. But, worry not, I don't think it will be that difficult to find space. Since the performance happened every night (I'm not sure if it depends on the weather), if you didn't manage to witness on day one, you can always come again the next day :)

Overall, it was really breathtakingly beautiful, for a modern day view.

The symphony of lights from our eyes. Can you see the green lasers? That's the dancing lights. 

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