Sunday, October 4, 2015

Experience with Photobook

At about the time Groupon became famous, I was in Japan. I felt so curious and helpless at the same time. My friends kept posting about the deal they got from the groupon such as cheap services for spa, cheaper buffet, etc. I think you know better.

Then you know, the pressure felt by a woman. Some times, curiosity kills the cat. But in my case, curiosity won me a cheap photobook! hey!

You know it is very expensive to develop all the pictures we took? Especially now that in average we might have taken 3000 pictures (in the phone only -_-"). And it is dangerous also to keep all your memory in soft copy. Anything can happen kan.

So, I figured I want to try the photobook. My first try was three years ago. When I realized I have failed 'A' for the 100th times to buy him a present that he likes. So, I think I want to be the creative girlfriend. heh. And..i failed miserably. It was my first time trying the photobook, so I have no idea of the yield. It's a pure experiment and yeah...he got the experiment version -_-"

Since berjinak dengan photobook, every time I get back to KL, I will try to make one. There are so many more I plan to do.

The inside. So, with photobook, we can arrange photos as many as we can fit in different sizes. If we were to develop this photo one by one, it will be pricey especially those of bigger sizes. 40 pages is more than enough I think.

Another example. The quality of the printing also not that bad.

Because of a good deal, I also bought the deal for canvas photo (8"x8"). I just want to see the outcome. Turned out, it is not bad. I would love to try the bigger size when I back for good later. Japan's house no place to put -_-"
So, try this photobook guys. The yield is good, and it's thin, so you can make as many as possible without the needs of big space to keep it later on. Happy trying!

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